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Woodes - The Thaw     Electronic, Atmospheric, Chill 22/07/2016
Woodes is the moniker for the 24-year-old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
With the new single 'The Thaw’; Woodes creates another powerfully beautiful track, combining her poetic lyrics with a textured production to construct a song set in a wintery realm.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Sophie Lowe - Breathe     Electronic, Electronic, Pop 23/03/2016
Sophie Lowe is a singer and established actor, her renewed focus on her musical career comes after honing her craft as a vocalist and songwriter for the last 10 years.
Taken from 'EP 2', 'Breathe' sees Sophie expose her inner thoughts about life, love and confidence, creating this powerful, provoking electronica jam. Sophie said, "I wrote 'Breathe' at a time when I struggling to feel comfortable. I wanted to talk about anxiety because I feel its not talked about enough."

Woodes - Daggers and Knives     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 04/03/2016
Woodes is the moniker for the 23-year-old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
The new single 'Daggers and Knives' from Woodes steps out on her own creating a hauntingly beautiful, powerful track, sucking you in from the first listen. Combining her intricate and textured production with her compelling lyrics, Woodes proves she is the 'Queen of this town'.

Playwrite - Black Cloud     Folk 12/10/2015
Playwrite are a five piece indie-folk-pop band from Melbourne, VIC. They've released 2x EP's and are about to unleash their debut album, 'Cathedrals' this winter 2015.
'Black Cloud', the latest single from the album, was written in the wake of the Fukushima Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster in 2011. The gripping vocal delivery expresses the helplessness felt when observing the suffering of strangers and loved ones who are far away.

Other tracks by Playwrite:  Animals Housed
Woodes x Elkkle - Flash Mob     Electronic, Electronic, Easy Listening 03/09/2015
Woodes is the moniker for the 23 year old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
'Flash Mob': Another standout from the talented songwriters, dreamy, fragile, and hauntingly beautiful- Woodes vocals perfectly match Elkkle’s production.
The feeling of a moment suspended in time, floating or as Woodes says in her lyrics ‘perpetually falling’ gives ‘Flash Mob’ it’s unique hook, drawing you in more with each listen.

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Katie Noonan - Quicksand     Rock, Easy Listening, Chill, Ambience 11/07/2015
QLD native Katie Noonan is a 4x ARIA Award winning artist who is currently operating independently. She's sold six platinum selling records over her 20 year career.
The track exhibits an unrivaled honesty through its open lyrics and emotive melodies. A slow burner with delicate percussion, subdued piano and a choir in the background, 'Quicksand' will tug at your heartstrings in the most endearing way possible.

Gold Fields feat. KLP - Make Me Feel     Electronic, House, Pop 17/06/2015
Gold Fields are a Ballarat based quintet. KLP is a producer/singer/songwriter/DJ/radio host who is Sydney based.Together they have created the electro-house single 'Make Me Feel'.
The collaborative single, Make Me Feel is suffused with Gold Fields’ textured syncopated rhythms and golden glittering landscapes with a smooth multi-layered melody from KLP who breathes a soft new life into this house jam, making it the perfect introduction to their co-headline tour.


Woodes x Elkkle - Cocoon     Electronic, Chill, Instrumental 17/06/2015
Melbourne based Elle Graham (Woodes) and Callum Baker (Elkkle) join forces to create a one-off electronic indie collaboration pulled from a forthcoming EP, slated for release later this year.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Melissa Fletcher-Young, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

With the perfect measure of tender swooning to lull you in, coupled with compellingly quirky percussion and sparse instrumentation, Cocoon dabbles in mystic realms, which will leave you with a premonition of what’s to come on their forthcoming EP.

Woodes - Muddy     Electronic, Chill 17/03/2015
22 year old, Elle Graham, operating under the moniker of Woodes, is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and model based in Melbourne
Reminiscent of Bibio and Willowbeats, Muddy is draped in fuzzy beats and silvery percussion, rounded out with lush, organic cello tones and underwater, ethereal vocals from Woodes.

Katie Noonan - Peace Is My Drug [cln Remix]     Electronic, Ambience, Chill 26/02/2015
Katie Noonan has just released a five track EP with two original songs as well as three remixes of new track 'Peace Is My Drug' by cln, Oisima and Inkswel.
The buzz surrounding Callan Alexander, aka cln, is almost palpable. It’s easy to see why his downtempo beats won him the Budweiser Made For Music Competition late last year. Following on from that is his latest remix for Peace Is My Drug, delivering a smooth and refreshing offering.

Other tracks by Katie Noonan:  Peace Is My Drug [Oisima Remix]  -  Peace Is My Drug [Inkswel Remix]
Playwrite - Whittaker     Folk, Pop, Rock 25/07/2014
Playwrite are a five-piece hailing from Melbourne. They create beautifully haunting musical tapestries and are known for their epic live brilliance in particular.
Moving away from their trademark tapestry of intricate musical layerings, they’ve exposed the seams of something untouched and vulnerable. Stripped back and raw, their latest offering is a hauntingly poignant lamentation of humanity at its very core. A folk-rock ballad of sorts.

Other tracks by Playwrite:  Lady Oracle
KLP - Faded (Zhu Cover)     Electronic, Ambience, House, Chill 22/07/2014
KLP is a Sydney based producer, vocalist, DJ, songwriter and radio host.
This ambient house jam showcases KLP’s crystalline production skills and melodious layered vocals, juxtaposing her trademark works with an irresistibly fluid offering. A contrast to her latest single released earlier this year, ‘Decide’, which received solid airplay as well as demanding the attention of BBC Radio 6, RAGE and Adidas.