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OKBADLANDS - PTY LTD     Electronic, Chill, Pop, Jazz 16/02/2017
Indie/electronic duo from Brisbane consisting of Kate (vocals) and Sally (bass player).
Self-produced, recorded, and arranged - “PTY LTD” is about solidarity. Showcasing smooth wispy vocals reminiscent of drinking a cool whiskey in a warm jazz club, layered over a simple and uplifting beat, “PTY LTD” channels their unique ability to create beauty and emotion in the simple and delicate.

Royal and The Southern Echo - New Lows     Rock, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/02/2017
Royal and The Southern Echo is the new project of Brisbane singer/songwriter Bryce Schneider.
‘New Lows’ is an expansive but intimate musing on depression, the peaks and troughs that we sometimes face, and those moments of laughter that sometimes puncture our darkest days.

CREO - Behind The Beat     Rock, Pop, Britpop 16/02/2017
CREO are a four-piece, indie band from Sydney who mix delicately textured guitar sound scapes with an unabashed rock and roll rhythm section.
“This song is very autobiographical in nature and chronologically recounts mine and the band’s journey. It's an insight to how we look back on the fuck ups, the wins, and empathises with nostalgia. That's what ‘Behind the Beat’ is about, reflection, reminiscence and continuing doing what you love to do.”

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Ash Grunwald - Hammer     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock, Rockabilly 03/02/2017
Ash Grunwald, loved for his crowd frenzied shows and blistering guitar playing, has critics and fans raving about his unique blend of roots, beats and a whole lotta groove.
Taking cues from classic bluesmen including Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker, 'Hammer' is Grunwald’s most accomplished track to date, showing an artist emerging with a confidence and resolve of a leader rather than a follower.

Phebe Starr - They Keep Telling Me     Pop, Electronic 26/01/2017
Intelligent and emotional pop music, with storytelling.
'They Keep Telling Me' is as an antidote to a series of confronting and disheartening sexist experiences.

“I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life.”

Carus Thompson - Beach Fires     Folk, Acoustic, Folk 29/11/2016
Like an Australian Springsteen or Mellencamp, Perth-based artist Carus Thompson's own brand of acoustic-folk places a focus on intelligent stories through song.
His 2017 release "Beach Fires" explores even deeper into the Australian psyche than all previous works; setting his acoustic sights on dissecting a modern Australia where Trump, refugees and Ice have taken over the national conversation from farming, family values and the great Australian dream.

Sheppard - We Belong     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 16/11/2016
Sheppard are an award winning pop / indie 6-piece from Brisbane, Australia.
After the last twelve months writing and producing for the new album between Los Angeles and Brisbane, the band ended up back at their roots, with another amazing, poppy, summery single.

Abbe May - Doomsday Clock     Pop 04/11/2016
Re-emerging from a hiatus earlier this year with ‘Are We Flirting’, Abbe May’s followup ‘Doomsday Clock’ reveals another layer of her forthcoming album ‘Bitchcraft’ and a national tour this November/December.
"The ‘Doomsday Clock’ is a symbolic clock face that represents a countdown to possible global catastrophe such as that caused by nuclear war or climate change."

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Kid Zr0 - Rich Guys Party     Rock, Pop, Punk 04/11/2016
Aged between 15 and 19, Kid Zr0 were brought to the attention of the mainstream via YouTube, gathering fans around the globe including Russia, Poland and China.
“I think it represents who we are and what we stand for, so it’s the one we wanted to lead with. We’re sick of seeing bands take themselves so seriously. Screw that. Have a good time. Open the doors. Everyone’s welcome. That’s what Kid Zr0’s about.”

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MTNS - Insight     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 21/10/2016
Three-piece electronic act MTNS return after 3 year break.
Recorded in LA mid this year, MTNS found the creativity they had been looking for. Inspired by the foreign landscape, and the ability to collaborate with a fresh ear, the hundreds of demos the band had been writing for the past few years all started to fall into place.

Manu Crooks - Blowin' Up     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 14/10/2016
Although based in Australia, Manu Crook$ has a definitively international hip-hop sound.
Blowin' Up is the second single from Manu Crooks, and features fellow collaborators Miracle on Guest Vocals, and Dopamine producing.

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Seavera - Parallel & Repeat     Electronic, Chill, Pop 14/10/2016
Seavera is the project of Melbourne based duo Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton.
Consisting of their own brand of lo-fi beats, sparkly layers, honeyed vocals, and heavyweight emotions, “Parallel and Repeat” was born during the golden hour of the afternoon whilst reading an essay Orwell wrote about speaking with intention.

Weathered - Stay     Folk, Chill, Acoustic, Pop 12/10/2016
Rockhampton local Upile Mkoka, aka Weathered, has managed to cloister the sound from his surroundings with a stunningly crafted populated sound with echoes of the isolated viewpoint of northern living.
A deceptively simple acoustic chill tune with time signature changes and subtle horns with Weathered's vocal floating across.

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Other tracks by Weathered:  Light
OKBadlands - Dust & Gold     Electronic, Pop, Folk 07/10/2016
OKBadlands are a Brisbane electronic/folk duo consisting of Sally Latter and Kate Gurren.
Produced by Max Byrne (Golden Vessel), the new single “Dust & Gold” from Brisbane duo OKBadlands is a stunning return to form, giving you another taste of their captivating and unique electro-pop.

Lime Cordiale - Waking Up Easy     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 05/10/2016
Lime Cordiale are a pop / indie-rock outfit hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches.
'Waking Up Easy' is the brand new single from Sydney's Lime Cordiale. Blending elements of pop, indie and acoustic, the bands latest track is a step forward in both production and lyrical maturity.

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Torfason - Fall     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 25/08/2016
Torfason are an electronic duo from Brisbane, Australia.
This is Torfason's debut single "Fall".

Cheap Fakes - Deep Space     Funk/Soul, Reggae 10/08/2016
Dapper-dressed six piece Cheap Fakes are a much loved band for a reason; with suave moves and catchy tunes, their brass fuelled funk has been moving crowds for seven years.
Swirling and strident, “Deep Space” rings true with a slightly deeper vibe than perhaps initially expected; while the bands’ own inspirations still bubble forth, “Deep Space” doesn’t devolve into showboating, relying on an expert groove and simmering sustain to keep your ears hooked.

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Dolewave     Rock, Garage 03/08/2016
7-Piece Garage Rock Hydra from Adelaide, SA
With their new single ‘Dolewave’, the band makes light of society’s tendency to apply reductive labels to emerging genres of music.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Hein Cooper - Overflow     Folk, Pop, Downbeat 13/07/2016
Indie/Folk singer-songwriter from Milton NSW, praised for his emotive and captivating performances.
Hein Cooper’s star continues to rise with the second single "Overflow". A fan favourite on the album and on stage, "Overflow" is not like anything you have come to know from the Milton singer-songwriter, moving away momentarily from straight-up folk to explore experimental sounds and textures.

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Miss Pompeii - Haru Haiku     Electronic, Folk 13/07/2016
Miss Pompeii is the newly christened moniker of Claire Whiting (Inland Sea, Arundel), blending a love of electro with her proven track record of folk.
“Haru Haiku” delivers a dense soundscape, one that starts sparse but builds layers of Portishead-influenced echoes – dark and brooding bass providing the cutting edge for the bleeding sarcasm of Claire’s floating vocals.