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Breeze Millard - I Have My Own Life     Pop, Rock, Country, Easy Listening 26/03/2017
17 years old from outback South Australia. A powerful voice, contemporary writing style and AMAZING talent. Winner of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship - ready to take on the world!
"I Have My Own Life" is a power ballad with themes of heartbreak, love, loss, and especially empowerment. A song that resonates with everyone. Fans of all ages, all styles, all walks of life - "I Have My Own Life" will relate to whatever you're going through in YOUR life.

Andy Jans-Brown & Cozmic - Rising With The Mercury     Rock 24/03/2017
Andy Jans-Brown & COZ*MIC are a tight indie rock band from Byron Bay mixing rebel rhythms, contagious hooks and provocative poetry.
A passionate and ironic look at contemporary Australia.

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Other tracks by Andy Jans-Brown & Cozmic:  Play With Fire
Ben Wright Smith - Hellion Heeled     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
Ben Wright Smith returns with latest single ‘Hellion Heeled’. The APRA award nominated singer-songwriter from Melbourne has delivered yet again with the release of his debut album ‘The Great Divorce’.
I was at a party with these punk rockers who were just posing the whole time. The next day I was teaching my friend’s dog to 'heel' or 'follow us'. I thought of the punks who’d been forced to obey the very thing they were pretending to be rebelling against.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore - How Long Does The Raunch?     Pop, Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic 24/03/2017
Dave Graney and Clare Moore played in the Moodists in the 80s and then Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and now Dave Graney and the mistLY.
Starts with jazz guitar chords and vocals. Then Drum Machine, Vibes, Marimba and electric guitar.
Over stimulation. Modern life is demanding. Filling a dude with images and feels, emotions dragged and pulled out, demanded.

Other tracks by Dave Graney and Clare Moore:  I'm Never Off
Dumb Dog - JAWS     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Soul 24/03/2017
We're a 4-piece psych garage band from Melbourne. We make music that sounds like Mac Demarco and Prince had a weird baby that was brought up by BadBadNotGood.
JAWS is about a recurring dream I had where I fell overboard into the sea, vaguely aware of a lurking presence below. Whenever I looked down I would see jaws with rows of sharp teeth coming up from below. I then always wake and realise I had wet the bed.

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Other tracks by Dumb Dog:  Hyper Adolescence  -  Change
Figurehead - Suits     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
This teenage indie pop rock outfit have been making music since pre teens.
“Suits is a fun up beat pop track about the fact that everyone has this outer shell or “suit” that they put on to impress people and prove to people that you are worth having around.

Gallucci - Hatsy     Rock, Punk, Instrumental 24/03/2017
Gallucci are a soca-punk band from Sydney - Two brothers who can’t quite quit each other.
When we found this weird purring groove, we knew it was a spot we hadn't heard ourselves in before. But it was deep like a dream where you discover there's a room in your house you never knew was there How's that for applying esoteric bullshit meaning after the fact?

Other tracks by Gallucci:  FuryEnd  -  Freeze (10Mm$)
Human Buoy - 200 Days     Rock, Pop 24/03/2017
Human Buoy started life as collection of ideas in the hard drive of Ben McDonald’s brain (logic) rolled up into a collaborative merry go round of experiments.
‘200 Days deals with the split-second decisions we all sometimes have to make and how childhood games, memories and the general passing of time are often the best escape. These seemingly deep concepts are however joyously hidden under a slapstick masquerade of shameless funk’. Explains Ben McDonald.

Interim - Moonshine     Rock, Blues 24/03/2017
Interim are an alt-rock 5-piece from Sydney. They generate a fusion of scuzzy grunge, classic rock and a heaped helping of heavy blues attitude.
‘Moonshine’ is the 3rd single and accompanying video from the upcoming debut album Escapism by Sydney based alt-rockers Interim. Moonshine features the band’s trademark indie blues stomp, this time bringing their combined love of 90’s riff rock to the fore.

Mazz-XT - Only The Quick And The Dead     Rock, Pop 24/03/2017
Mazz-XT is the project of Sydney based solo recording artist Scott Ginn. Mazz-XT is pure hard-edged rock with a slick sound and big catchy vocals.
A fictitious tale of the wild wild west - of a gambler getting fleeced in a card game by a fast-handed Black Jack dealer. It's up-vibe! It's fun! It rocks! It's time to get your rock thing on.

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Mid Ayr - Pocket Her Eyes     Rock, Pop 24/03/2017
Comprised of Hugh Middleton (Guitar/Vocals) and Zac Moynihan (Drums), Mid Ayr master the art of gritty production, heavy-driving drums, dissonant guitar bends and grainy synth.
Brisbane two-piece Mid Ayr today return with their highly anticipated first single of 2017, Pocket Her Eyes. The news comes with the announcement of their forthcoming EP, Elm Way set for release April 21, which will see the duo embark on their first headline East Coast tour this April/May.

Moonhunter - Tell Me Kid     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic, Garage 24/03/2017
Moonhunter balance all things rock, alternative, indie and punk to create a full, powerful sound that is highly sought after as a duo.
The single, recorded with Matt Hills sees the duo take their first leap in defining their sound. The track gains lyrical inspiration from the changes in imagination from infant to adult. Combine that with a hypnotising riff, alluring harmonies and a huge chorus, it captures Esposito and Crawford’s powerful chemistry

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Northlane - Citizen     Metal/Punk, Rock 24/03/2017
Northlane is an ARIA award winning progressive metal band based in Sydney. Their previous album Node debuted at #1 on the ARIA Album Chart.
Northlane have released their new stand-alone single “Citizen”, which was recorded by David Bendeth (Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Paramore) at his studio in New Jersey. The video for "Citizen" was filmed by Jason Eshragian who has previously worked with Northlane on the “Intuition” and “Impulse” videos.

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STORK - Congrats     Rock, Punk 24/03/2017
Stork unleash a healthy blend of punk/surf/garage rock... There’s no better time to drop in on the party wave that is STORK.
Congrats to anyone with a 9-5, shiny car or a house.

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Other tracks by STORK:  No Waves No Babes
The Bennies - Corruption     Rock, Reggae, Ska 24/03/2017
The four headed multi genre party beast known as The Bennies are back with a new single 'Corruption' from their critically acclaimed third album Wisdom Machine.
Corruption is filled with the Reggae-Ska-Rock feels that The Bennies do best. Moving at a slower tempo than other tracks on the album ‘Corruption’ grooves right through city as the party-punks ‘clean up’ the suburbs

The Oyster Murders - Eliza Battle     Rock, Dance, Grunge, Ambience 24/03/2017
Four piece indie band from Brisbane, who often incorporate 90’s alternative influences into their sound, which can be characterized by a mixture of analogue synths, dreamy guitar and vocals.
80’s cure beat, dream wave bass, vocals in the stars and lovers in japan… sonic youth say hi at the end…

The Southern River Band - Pandora     Rock, Rock 24/03/2017
The Southern River Band deliver a 'numbing-of-all-the-senses' approach to the classic rock formula with a live show that is set to leave punters jaws-to-the-floor.
Pandora is a straight up dancer. Once you open Pandora's box...

Other tracks by The Southern River Band:  Chasing After Love (I'll Burn A Hole in Your Shoes)  -  Summer Song
The Tommyhawks - Bedroom     Rock, Pop, Folk 24/03/2017
Fierce femme-fatale foursome, The Tommyhawks, explode with quirky, indi-punkin’ songs and a penchant for sharing toothbrushes and tinnies.
‘Bedroom’ is the first single from The Tommyhawks forthcoming This Is Not A Desert Island EP. The track explores the vulnerability of the mind. It is about finding the place between childhood and adulthood that certain things might have broken, and other things have healed.

The Velvet Addiction - Take Me Back     Rock, Pop, Garage, Rock 24/03/2017
Melbourne, 70's rock'n'roll inspired misfits The Velvet Addiction released their debut single Take Me Back; a swaggering, classic-rock influenced tune that will have you reaching for your leather-jacket and aviators.
Take me Back is about trying to find that feeling you get when you first start a relationship, the feeling when that person is the only thing you want or need to make you feel whole or happy and then losing it and needing it back.

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This Way North - Pressure     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
This Way North is a two-piece duo from melbourne consisting of drum, guitar and vocals. They’re Punchy and left of centre, but bring out universally appealing groove within their melodies.
‘Pressure’ begins with the Leisha’s angelic voice sung over lush guitar riffs and light synth like drumming that’s almost reminiscent of an 80’s movie anthem. The pop gem exemplifies the use of guitar player, Cat’s trove use of pedals to create the lush layers throughout the track.