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Chase The Sun - Live It Up     Rock, Blues, Roots 14/01/2017
'Live It Up', the first single from Chase The Sun's upcoming, and as yet untitled third album (due for release in winter 2017),
A pretty straight forward message that most people can relate to. It's about grabbing life by the balls and enjoying it. It's about how time moves so fast and doesn't wait for nobody so don't miss an opportunity when it comes. Live it up.


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Datura4 - Fools Gold Rush     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Garage 16/11/2016
Datura4 follow up their acclaimed 2015 debut album Demon Blues with the equally rockin’ and lysergic long-player Hairy Mountain.
A pulsating Fuzz riff, tempered by acoustic guitars and dreamy vocals harmonies. Reflecting on things in the aftermath of the mining boom.

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Other tracks by Datura4:  Trolls  -  Confide in Me
Claude Hay - Roller Coaster     Rock, Blues, Grunge 19/08/2016
Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Claude invokes the best of stomping-traditional blues, hard-rock and booty‐shaking funk, all delivered with slide guitar chops to burn and a vocal range to match
Roller Coaster pulls out some of my traditional stomping rock/bluesy riffage. It’s about the constant ups and downs in life and with my journey there are many. It’s about trying to deal with them and finding a balance so you don't go crazy.

Other tracks by Claude Hay:  Never Say Goodbye  -  Forget About Me
Prequel - Saints     Electronic, Jazz, House, Dance 12/08/2016
Paying respect to just some of our influences.A meditation on blackness and inclusion and something to move you on the dance floor.
A meditation on influences, blackness, jazz and music to shake your ass too.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC), Nick Rodwell, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Rory Ellis - Rah Rah     Country 17/06/2016
Master Australian songwriter Rory Ellis will hit the road this June to welcome his new 5-track release ‘Rah Rah’ into the world.
A dash of mystery, cheeky, oozing an exciting hint of sensuality, and ever so catchy. It’s Americana at its finest from troubadour Rory Ellis. This standout single, already infectious among close fans, will take you into those wicked corners of your mind. Rah Rah…Ooh Ahh‼

Other tracks by Rory Ellis:  Redneck  -  A Good Man
Claude Hay - Love No More     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Reggae 11/05/2016
'Love No More' returns Claude's music to a rootsier place and intertwines bluesy slide guitar riffs, catchy call-response melodies and reggae grooves.
'Love No More' returns Claude's music to a rootsier place and intertwines bluesy slide guitar riffs, catchy call-response melodies and reggae grooves, as lyrically it counsels a close friend through a divorce.

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Matty T Wall - Burnin' Up Burnin' Down     Blues/Roots, Rock, Swing 06/04/2016
Blue-eyed Blues guitar virtuoso Matty T Wall has built quite a name for himself at home in WA, and now is set to release his debut album ‘Blue Skies’
The roar of a revved-up muscle car kick starts a road-ready intro as staccato horns punctuate a tough rocking litany. With bravado power chords and slippery lead lines raising the temperature by measurable degrees, the lyrics convey an unabashed proclamation and a sultry invitation to a rocking and rough-edged encounter.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Blues / Roots Act

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Other tracks by Matty T Wall:  Am I Wrong  -  Love Gone Away
The Fumes - Broke A Chain     Blues/Roots, Rock 10/02/2016
Riff-rockin’ blues kings The Fumes have reignited with a fierce energy and a new line up and are set to hit the road to launch their ‘Bloodless’ album this February.
A story of breaking away from responsibilities, past generations and how the inertia of one event can effect present reality

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by The Fumes:  Jazz  -  Lonely As You Are
The Swamp Stompers - Wicked West     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 15/01/2016
The Swamp Stompers play funky rock-blues with heavy grooves. Emerging from the dirty backwaters of Lismore, sounding like the musical lovechild of John Butler Trio, Led Zeppelin and RHCP
Wicked West is a fun, upbeat track about party times on the road touring Western Australia in a techni-coloured Wicked Van in the scorching desert heat. The Swamp Stompers combination of punchy dual lead vocals, swirling slide guitar, and fat didgeridoo-infused grooves make for irresistible listening.

Marshall Okell - Amsterdam     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 01/10/2015
Rock-mojo-blues aficionado Marshall Okell offers up his 4th album ‘Sipping on Rocket Fuel’ and heads out on the road where he belongs.
I woke up one morning recently the neighbor stated his fortnightly mowing ritual at 7am, I got home at show at 3am. Had bugger all in the house to eat, drink, smoke, sat up at 8am with a Les Paul, coffee and that other stuff and dreamed of something better.

Other tracks by Marshall Okell:  Blue Lagoon  -  I'll Do Anything
Greg Nunan & The General Jacksons - Tequila     Blues/Roots, Rock, Grunge 24/08/2015
World traveller, singer, guitar-slinger Greg Nunan has spent the last decade bringing his Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired blues rock thing to Australia and the world.
“This song was conceived after I met a man in his new vocation. He lost his job that he’d been at for 24 years. He loved his new life and looking back I remember we also talked about our love of Tequila.


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Other tracks by Greg Nunan & The General Jacksons:  Our World  -  Jacqueline Sweetie
Owen Campbell - Ol' 55     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Chill 17/06/2015
Since it’s release in mid-2013 Campbell's previous release “The Pilgrim” has been smashing the blues charts locally and overseas, debuting at No. 1 on the iTunes Australia Blues Albums Chart.
Slow cruisey and bluesy acoustic ballad

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Other tracks by Owen Campbell:  Money  -  Days Like This
Lloyd Spiegel - New York City     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic, Soul 12/05/2015
2015 sees acoustic blues phenomenon Lloyd Spiegel celebrate 25 years on the bandstand with the release of a new double live album and national tour.
Is a re-work released from the album Tall Stories, folk turn soul feel.


Other tracks by Lloyd Spiegel:  Rock And a Hard Place  -  If I Killed Ya When I Met Ya
Claude Hay - Crossfire     Blues/Roots, Grunge, Downbeat 25/04/2015
Claude Hay is the modern version of the one man band has got booties shaking and feet stomping all over the world.
From it’s ‘wipeout’ inspired scream 'Crossfire' stumbles and grinds along like a Tom Waits-meets-Morricone ghost town drunk and features instrumentation not often heard in Claude's music, including a spooky honky tonk piano.

The Swamp Stompers - Swamp Stomp Boogie     Blues/Roots, Funk, Roots 07/01/2015
"Catchy grooves, intelligent songs and youthful hunger- this band has the right mix of potions to take Australian blues and roots to the next level.’’- Lloyd Spiegel
"Catchy grooves, intelligent songs and youthful hunger- this band has the right mix of potions to take Australian blues and roots to the next level.’’- Lloyd Spiegel


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Other tracks by The Swamp Stompers:  Call Me Up  -  Well I Do
Cass Eager & The Mo'Debleys - 365 days     Blues/Roots, Soul, Blues, Funk 12/12/2014
“Santa’s Got Soul!” brings the vibe backto Christmas music with a collection of re-worked classics and fabulous soul & blues hits from the past.
Original xmas track by Cass eager, 70's soul funk feel.

Other tracks by Cass Eager & The Mo'Debleys:  Christmas Will Really Be Christmas  -  Stay a little longer Santa
Chris Shermer - Don't Take It Easy     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Reggae, Pop 12/12/2014
Aussie expat Chris Shermer spends much of his time these days touring his special brand of percussive finger-style acoustic guitar playing across Europe
a groovy reggae / roots track with a cool summer feel

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Claude Hay & The Gentle Enemies - Borracho     Rock, Blues, Roots, Grunge 02/04/2014
Weighing in somewhere exactly between C. W. Stoneking and Queens of The Stone Age, Claude’s new tracks come from different sides of the spectrum.
Weighing in somewhere exactly between C. W. Stoneking and Queens of The Stone Age, Claude’s new tracks come from different sides of the spectrum. The song Borracho is classic Claude Hay and chugs along with fuzzy funk intensity as it relates a common tale of over- indulgence.

Other tracks by Claude Hay & The Gentle Enemies:  Run
Owen Campbell - Remember To Breathe     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues, Blues 27/03/2014
Owen Campbell has had very little time to catch his breath of late, he’s spent the past year taking his hard-driving slide guitar and gutsy, soul-filled voice around the world
“Remember to Breathe is about living in the city, I find most cities insufferable, the pollution, the congestion... I find it overwhelming. It seems sad that this is the pinnacle of human civilisation, an environment that’s so disconnected from our natural world. Some people love it... I don’t.”

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Nancy Vandal - Flogging A Dead Phoenix     Metal/Punk, Garage, Comedy 02/09/2013
The year is 1993. A small group of what appear to be circus prostitutes step out of their Bat & Ball Hotel toilet dressing room and leap upon the stage.
2013 marks the 20th anniversary of seminal Australian punk band Nancy Vandal, and to celebrate the occasion they're releasing a new album 'Flogging a Dead Phoenix' and heading out on an East Coast tour this October.

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Other tracks by Nancy Vandal:  A Nurofen From My Euro Friend