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The Mis-Made - Ice     Metal/Punk, Rock, Pop 26/01/2017
The Mis-Made have had several successful tours through Europe & the UK, as well as scoring the support for legendary hard rockers L7 @The Metro in Sydney in October 2016.
'Ice' is a love song about rising above rejection.


Valhalla Lights - Beautiful     Rock 16/12/2016
Based on the far north coast of N.S.W, Valhalla Lights are a juggernaut of heavy riffs (ex-Fort/Forte), coupled with the soaring and angelic but powerful melodies of singer Ange Saul.
A ballad about mending broken relationships.

Silence The Sun - Faceless     Rock 21/11/2016
Brisbane prog rockers Silence The Sun have spent the past few years recording 11 songs for their blistering debut album - due to see light of day in early 2017.
"Faceless" revolves around the concept of victims, the secrets we all have and the hope that things can change.

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The Mis-Made - Blood Money     Rock, Metal, Garage 09/11/2016
The Mis-Made have been making a racket for the past few years with several successful tours through Europe/UK +recently supported legendary hard rockers, L7 at The Metro in Sydney.
Blood Money is about being made to feel worthless for not having money and the things that people have to do to survive.

Valhalla Lights - Opposite Sides     Rock, Rock 28/09/2016
Based on the far north coast of N.S.W, Valhalla Lights are a juggernaut of heavy riffs, coupled with the soaring and angelic but powerful melodies.
"Opposite Sides" is a song that “resonates around people broken by the hardship of relationships & its carry over effect into all facets of life…”, along with a particularly quirky filmclip telling a tale of Ange dumping her dwarf boyfriend after she catches him cheating with a band of transvestites!

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Valhalla Lights - Darker Side Of Love     Rock, Garage, Grunge 15/03/2016
Byron Bay prog/rock featuring ex-Fort members (George Christie, Deon Driver, Brent Crysell) with Ange Saul (The Black Lullaby). After a tumultuous few years VL are back with a new album.
"Darker Side Of Love" is a song that reflects the polarities of love and the emotional entanglements and intensities that are universal

Other tracks by Valhalla Lights:  Crucify  -  Rise Above
Blackbreaks - Driving At Night     Rock, Industrial, Dubstep 25/08/2015
Blackbreaks are spread between Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains and inner-city Sydney. They combine alt guitar rock, industrial tinged electronica, and a proudly politicised message. With waistcoats.
Driving at Night explores the story of an Australian soldier who has just completed a tour in Afghanistan, but before returning home he spontaneously decides to accept a lucrative private contract top drive a truck as part of a convoy. He just needs to stay awake, and avoid IEDs.


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Versus Fate - Save Me     Rock 04/06/2015
Hailing from the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, melodic rockers Versus Fate have released their debut self-titled 5 track EP which features singles "Save Me" and "As I Fall" .
Singer Dylan De Proysn says "Save Me was written about a few people that were fake friends, the kind that would pretend to be there but never be there when you needed them.
It's a powerful song for me - it means self empowerment, cutting ties & leaving assholes behind".

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Valhalla Lights - Travesty     Rock, Garage 31/03/2015
Fans of Australian heavy duty rock would be no strangers to Byron Bay’s Fort and Sydney bands Tax and King Clam who have slayed audiences over the past 20 years.
Valhalla Lights vocalist Phoebe Black tragically took her own life just 6 days after recording vocals. This is her last message to the world.

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Mass Sky Raid - Oceans (Radio Edit)     Rock 30/09/2014
Mass Sky Raid are a 4 piece fusion of Dead Letter Circus & Thirty Seconds to Mars from the Gold Coast, Australia.
“Oceans” is another step towards defining our sound; one the first tracks we’ve written where each of us have had an even input in the songwriting right until the very end. Coming off the back of our debut release, we’re all really excited in having “Oceans” as the anticipated follow-up!

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Smoking Martha - Sweet As Honey     Rock 16/12/2013
Vintage rock n soul. “Smoking Martha’s music can best be summed up as featuring divine dips and dives and pulled back riffs that tease before they hit overdrive again."
Sweet As Honey is a sexy bass driven rock song with raw bluesy female vocals soaring over the top. It is the song you listen to when you get ready for a night out or when you're screaming down the highway doing 120kmh!

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