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Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Xavier Rudd - While I'm Gone (Live)     Blues/Roots, Reggae 28/03/2017
Xavier Rudd is one of Australia's greatest artists, activists and spirits who has a gift for connecting with and unifying people through his laid-back musical style.
'While I'm Gone' is an up-beat, reggae-infused track with an uplifting message of positivity and love. This live version of the track which was first released on Xavier's 2015 album NANNA was recorded at a sold-out show in the Netherlands last year and is from his upcoming live album.

Shag Rock - Time Wasted     Folk, Pop, Blues, Roots 24/03/2017
After having an amazing end to 2016 when their single "Sunbleached Girl" picked up over 250K Spotify streams, the four-piece then went on to release their acclaimed sophomore album “Barefoot”
“So many people I’ve met say that their drug habits are just things they do because their friends do it; and a lot of the time they go on to try and justify it as though it’s something they won’t keep doing.”

The Bennies - Corruption     Rock, Reggae, Ska 24/03/2017
The four headed multi genre party beast known as The Bennies are back with a new single 'Corruption' from their critically acclaimed third album Wisdom Machine.
Corruption is filled with the Reggae-Ska-Rock feels that The Bennies do best. Moving at a slower tempo than other tracks on the album ‘Corruption’ grooves right through city as the party-punks ‘clean up’ the suburbs

Alla Spina - This Town     Pop, Reggae, Punk, Rock 21/03/2017
Brisbane ska punk band, Alla Spina is back with a new single, new clip and new sound with “This Town”, a dub pop tune reminiscent of No Doubt and Sublime.
"This Town" is a little different for the band but stays true to our ethos and inspiration. The song itself is about being in a band and the trials and tribulations that go with it...and the good times. Check out the self produced video that accompanies the track.

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D'yer Mak'er - Illicit Renegades     Rock, Reggae 20/03/2017
D'yer Mak'er is a reggae infused rock band. Releasing their debut single ‘Illicit Renegades’ on the 31st March, with their EP following on the 14th of April.
Illicit Renegades is a reggae infused rock song, drawing the sound from all their major influences. This was one of the first songs that was written by the band.

Other tracks by D'yer Mak'er:  Alaska  -  Eloise
Joe Geia - North South East & West     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Ambience 17/03/2017
Geia is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music. He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling Aboriginal life in Australia.
This is a song about home but also my concerns about the environmental destruction. Indigenous people respect the land and lived in harmony with the Earth for thousands of years. The world is learning that First Nations People are the leaders in protecting the land not destroying it.

Other tracks by Joe Geia:  Freedom West Papua  -  Funky Didj
Drop Legs - Lizzy     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Ska, Rock 14/03/2017
Drop Legs formed in mid-2014 on the streets of Byron Bay. The boys naturally fused hip hop, reggae and grunge to come up with a punchy, infectious and energetic sound.
Taking cues from the likes of The Roots, Blue King Brown and Koi Child, ‘Lizzy’ shines a light on the group’s ability to meld an array of eclectic influences by combining themes of reggae and hip-hop; yet remaining cohesive in their overall delivery and finish of a song.

Mista Savona - Carnival feat. Solis & Randy Valentines     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, World 25/02/2017
Mista Savona (born Jake Dominic Savona) is a highly regarded Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-hop producer and keyboardist based in Melbourne, Australia.
The first single lifted from the HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON project is ‘Carnival', featuring Jamaican born vocalist Randy Valentine and Cuban singer Solis. Bursting with energy and originality, the song is set to become a dance floor anthem for a new generation of urban, reggae, hip-hop and world music lovers.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Shanon Watkins - Sunnyside Up     Folk, Reggae, Rock 25/02/2017
From Brisbane, Shanon Watkins is a stocky, tattooed, red-haired, left-handed bloke; not quite the picture that first comes to mind when you think singer-songwriter. But sing and song-write he does.
“[Sitting back and relaxing in the sun] inspired me to write about being happy with what you have and who you are. Life is the journey and whatever happened, right or wrong you are who you are because of what you did to get there”.

Koshowko - The Giver     Pop, Funk, Reggae, Rock 17/12/2016
Koshowko is the brainchild of Polish born, Melbourne based producer Martin K, also known for his releases under the Philosophy Of Sound moniker on Discotexas.
An ode to Xmas, the track tells a highly unusual story of the one and only Santa, but that’s not the only interesting part. Quite astonishingly, the track features input from musicians located across three continents who have never met face-to-face and worked through the cloud collaborating service Ohm Studio.

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Other tracks by Koshowko:  The Giver (Instrumental)
The Floating Bridges - Finer Things In Life     Blues/Roots, Reggae, Pop 14/12/2016
The Floating Bridges create infectious roots music, blending together big lively ska grooves, thick bottom end bass lines and smooth four part vocal harmonies – perfect for the dance floor!
'Finer Things In Life' is about doing the things that make you happy! Every day do something nice for yourself and for someone else :-)


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Rambutan Jam Band - Doing What They Taught Us     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic, Rock 09/12/2016
Likened to the pulsating tropical storms that sweep across Australia's North in the Monsoon season, Rambutan Jam Band provide an eclectic mix of Reggae, Psychedelic Rock and Rap.
'Doing What They Taught Us' is about the rigid education system in place that ultimately teaches us how to act and live life. Through ambient, melancholy verses and heavy, intense choruses, frustration is expressed for how our minds our moulded since we are young and its repercussions later in life.


Other tracks by Rambutan Jam Band:  East Point  -  One By One
Airileke Ingram - Sorongi Samarai     World, Reggae, Dance 24/11/2016
A protest song co-written w/ Independence leader Benny Wenda, Airileke calls for “Merdeka” - Freedom for WestPapua. He draws on his PNG&Oz roots, creating a new sound with futuristic ideas.
A protest song calling for “Merdeka” - Freedom for West Papua. Fierce log drumming from Manus Islands, hauntingly beautiful Kwakumba flutes from the PNG highlands, Tifa drums of West Papua, and chants from surrounding islands; features musicians from PNG who gathered to perform in solidarity with West Papua.

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Rachel By The Stream - Situation     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Dub, Electronic 18/11/2016
Melbourne-based duo Rachel By The Stream deliver a high-energy, animated sound that draws from pop, reggae and dance to create something completely unique “a totally distinctive talent” (ToneDeaf).
Four dramatic guitar chords, abruptly interrupted by haunting vocal drones, kick us into the album opener: ‘Situation’; a catchy reggae banger that builds and builds. Written as a 'dub prayer' and featuring dubs by Reuben Stone, this track is a summons to positive thought.

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Other tracks by Rachel By The Stream:  Wish  -  Mossy's Song
Bootleg Rascal - Love Her Like I Love You     Rock, Dub, Reggae 18/11/2016
Bootleg Rascal have had a massive couple of months abroad touring with label-buds, Sticky Fingers, in Europe and the USA; then headed back to Europe and UK.
‘Love Her Like I Love You’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the forthcoming and second LP. A record that emphasizes their melodic knack, unique use of loops and explores a recent obsession for 80’s sounds and drum pads taking cues from Bowie and Peter Gabriel.


B-Town Warriors - People of the Red Sunset     Hip Hop, Reggae, Indigenous, Roots 08/11/2016
B-Town Warriors are a diminutive group of razor-sharp rappers from the remote Indigenous community of Bourke, NSW.An outcome of a Desert Pea Media songwriting project.
Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for individuals, for each other and for our communities.

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Zennith - Poet A Rhymer     Hip Hop, Reggae, Rap 04/11/2016
From deep within the scrub of ancient Bulwai country, Kuranda FNQ, emerges the new sound of Australin Music.
Embracing their hip-hop reggae roots, Kuranda’s dynamic family-founded outfit Zennith are back – six years after their last release. 'Poet A Rhymer' is the sound the band always set out to create, a dance-hall anthem with beat-laden rap and a rhythmic undertone, interwoven with some mean guitar licks.

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Kingfisha - The Gold     Reggae/Dub 03/11/2016
Brisbane roof raisers Kingfisha have been laying down weighty reggae and dub, and in the process cementing themselves as Australia’s premier reggae act.
The Gold is about showing up everyday to a job you despise but finding a reason beyond the money to be there. Mateship and commonality despite your differences.


Electrik Lemonade - We Know This     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, World 28/10/2016
Electrik Lemonade are 7 individuals united by the cosmic collective boogie. Playing rump funkin' shows that feature a repertoire of original funk, hip-hop tunes, infused with soul & electronic elements.
We Know This, is a brutally honest ode to cannabis which has influenced the band in different ways. With the legalisation of medicinal marijuana across Australia as of 2017, Electrik Lemonade wanted to write something that they imagined their fans singing back at the top of their lungs at shows.

Sol Nation - Sun Comes Up     World, Reggae, Ska 28/10/2016
Cooked Upbeats and Spicy Rhythms
Sun Comes Up is a Ska/Reggae song that talks about life and uniting people no matter who or where you from. Its about loving life and having a party till the Sun Comes Up.

Other tracks by Sol Nation:  Like it Like This  -  Spread the Word