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Rare Finds

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Billy Fox - Shapes     Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance 21/03/2017
Fast gaining a reputation for consistently delivering standout tracks is Sydney-based indie-electronic producer, Billy Fox.
Whilst not swaying from the unique sound he has honed and developed over time, ‘Shapes’ showcases a significant progression in Fox’s songwriting and production. Glimmering with walls of beautifully arranged synths and harmony-laden vocal melodies; the hauntingly mesmerising new offering finds balance within its well thought-out structure and shifting dynamics.

Solomon O - Holograms     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 21/03/2017
Since picking up a guitar at an early-age, Brisbane-based musician, Solomon O has formed a deep and insatiable love for writing and performing music.
‘Holograms’ was a complete DIY recording effort by Solomon O and friend / session drummer, Brandon Gillies. The mesmerising indie-pop cut glides along effortlessly, driven by its luscious and full sounding rhythm section, beautifully composed synths and capped off by Solomon O’s dream-laden and soothing croons.

Dead Language - The Man Who Killed My Father     Pop, Electronic 16/03/2017
Sydney's Dead Language combines uplifting melodies, punchy bass lines and catchy synths with profound and sincere lyrics, offering a comprehensive take on pop music whilst holding onto it’s classic sensibilities.
The anthemic cut retains an uplifting melody throughout, overlaid with punchy bass lines and catchy synths. Paired with Price’s profound and sincere lyrics, the track offers a comprehensive take on pop music whilst holding onto it’s classic sensibilities.

Drop Legs - Lizzy     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Ska, Rock 14/03/2017
Drop Legs formed in mid-2014 on the streets of Byron Bay. The boys naturally fused hip hop, reggae and grunge to come up with a punchy, infectious and energetic sound.
Taking cues from the likes of The Roots, Blue King Brown and Koi Child, ‘Lizzy’ shines a light on the group’s ability to meld an array of eclectic influences by combining themes of reggae and hip-hop; yet remaining cohesive in their overall delivery and finish of a song.

WHARVES - Man You Want Me To Be     Rock, Pop, Garage 10/03/2017
Lennox Head-based indie-rock quartet, WHARVES, have just revealed an East Coast tour and their brand new single titled ‘Man You Want Me To Be’.
The hauntingly enchanting ‘Man You Want Me To Be’ is reminiscent to some of the group’s staple influences Foals, The Strokes and City Calm Down, featuring driving disco-esque beats, thumping fuzz-laden bass and classic Brit-pop guitar tones, all capped off by the brooding infectious vocal melodies of frontman, Matthew Collins.

Mookhi - More Tea     Electronic 04/03/2017
Following from the release of single, ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox), Sydney-based producer, Mookhi has revealed her stellar debut EP ‘Lost & Found’ – a complete self-produced and engineered effort.
‘Lost & Found’ features five stunning eclectic cuts of down-tempo electronica, which glimmer with elegance as they float effortlessly along. Song structure navigates with precision, held intact with ethereal beats and beautifully layered sonic textures – a record that showcases the 22-year-old songstress’ depth and ability to create.

Other tracks by Mookhi:  So Sushi
Selahphonic - Had Our Heaven     Pop 04/03/2017
Carving out a reputation as one of Australia’s hardest working independent indie-pop bands, Selahphonic have unveiled their single ‘Had Our Heaven’ – The lead track lifted from forthcoming EP ‘Therapy’.
Keeping in line with their signature anthemic stadium pop sound, ‘Had Our Heaven’ glimmers with synth-laden hooks, infectious lead-guitar licks and is backed by a simple, yet sturdy and bouncing rhythm section; all combining to complement the catchy sing-a-long melodies of endearing front man, Jamie Coyle.

Dappled Cities - Stone Men     Rock, Pop 17/02/2017
Sydney-based indie-rock statesmen, Dappled Cities, have unveiled new single ‘Stone Men’, tour dates and announced the release date for their forthcoming and fifth studio album titled ‘Five’ (stylised as |||||).
The second single lifted from ‘Five’, ‘Stone Men’ carries consistently with smooth and sultry grooves, floating effortlessly with ample space allowing the song to breathe. Lush harmony-laden vocal arrangements and beautifully crafted organic instrumentation; which is largely driven by warm textured synths and strong rhythmic bass and drums.

RAAVE TAPES - 2 U xoxo     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/02/2017
Indie-punk rock trio and Newcastle’s favourite sons, RAAVE TAPES, have just revealed their new single ‘2 U xoxo’ and East Coast tour dates.
The unapologetic garage grit of ‘2 U xoxo’ is a raw and infectious party thrasher, taking cues from some of the groups staple influences, Death From Above 1979, Crystal Castles and The Mess Hall.

Ross Henry - Flux     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 15/02/2017
Henry distinguishes himself from the crowd, melding eclectic electronic soundscapes with warm and delicate vocals, resulting in his own brand of ambient, experimental electronica.
‘Flux’ once again showcases Henry’s ability to distinguish himself from the crowd, melding eclectic electronic soundscapes with warm and delicate vocals, resulting in his own brand of ambient, experimental electronica.

Mookhi - Foul Play (Feat. Billy Fox)     Electronic, Experimental 13/01/2017
New Sydney-based electronic artist, Mookhi (real name Olympia Henshaw), has just unveiled her self produced and recorded debut single ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox).
‘Foul Play’ is an eclectic and sophisticated slice of down-tempo electronica, melding dark pop sensibilities with obscure, yet beautifully layered dynamics inspired by the young songstress’ unique approach to composition and production.

Bootleg Rascal - Love Her Like I Love You     Rock, Dub, Reggae 18/11/2016
Bootleg Rascal have had a massive couple of months abroad touring with label-buds, Sticky Fingers, in Europe and the USA; then headed back to Europe and UK.
‘Love Her Like I Love You’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the forthcoming and second LP. A record that emphasizes their melodic knack, unique use of loops and explores a recent obsession for 80’s sounds and drum pads taking cues from Bowie and Peter Gabriel.


High Violet - All I Want     Rock, Pop 18/11/2016
Indie-pop group, High Violet have returned with new single ‘All I Want’ alongside tour dates supporting one of the country’s most endearing indie-rock bands, British India.
‘All I Want’ evokes a significant development in quartet’s songwriting, exploring a more mature approach with melodies, arrangement and taking full advantage of the dual female / male vocals on offer from Emily Smart and Ricky Kradolfer. The end result delivers on a beautifully arranged take of 80’s-inspired synth dream-pop.

Elliot The Bull - Standing On The Sea     Folk, Pop, Rock 10/11/2016
Indie-rock quartet, Elliot The Bull have unveiled their new single ‘Standing on the Sea’, alongside tour dates and news that they will be releasing their third and forthcoming EP 'Beast'.
'Standing on the Sea' sees Elliot The Bull explore a more melancholy sound; shining a light on the brooding and emotive vocals of front man Jake Dobson, accompanied by bands swooning and feel-driven instrumentation.


Elliot The Bull - It Doesn't Feel     Rock, Pop, Folk 04/11/2016
Central Coast-based indie-rock quartet, Elliot The Bull have unveiled their new single ‘It Doesn't Feel’, alongside tour dates and news that they will be releasing their third and forthcoming EP.
Commencing with a slow and well approached build, 'It Doesn't Feel' is an emotive and brooding cut, layered with beautifully textured vocal melodies and harmonies. The track is further complimented by it's orchestral-like instrumentation with plenty of space in between transitions, allowing the song to breathe.

Owen Rabbit - Oh My God     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 02/11/2016
Melbourne-based producer / vocalist, Owen Rabbit, has returned with new track ‘Oh My God’ and news that he will be releasing his debut EP titled ‘One’ (due Late Nov 2016).
‘Oh My God’ further shines a light on Rabbit’s creative depth with production largely skewed towards electronic instrumentation, yet still retaining many of his organic traits by incorporating toys, trinkets, rubbish and looping vocals to create harmonies with his beautifully flawed and cracked voice.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)


Other tracks by Owen Rabbit:  Kalgoorlie  -  Antarctica
Elliot The Bull - Beast     Rock, Pop 26/10/2016
Elliot The Bull have just unveiled their new single ‘Beast’, alongside tour dates and news that they will be releasing their third and forthcoming EP of the same namesake.
‘Beast’ is driven by its tastefully approached rhythmic section, beautifully layered walls of guitars and capped off by the brooding vocals of enigmatic front man, Jake Dobson. The emotive and compelling number builds and teases with its well thought out dynamics to make for a truly eclectic, yet cohesive piece.

Bad Pony - Bottles     Rock, Pop, Electronic 21/10/2016
After releasing their standout single ‘Sideways’ and completing an incredible twenty-three date tour, Sydney-based indie-rock revelers, Bad Pony, have returned with a new single ‘Bottles’ and accompanying tour dates.
The eclectic mix of erratic and explosive drum fills, fuzzed out and glimmering synths, Foals inspired guitar licks and the endearing vocals of enigmatic front man, Jarred Young all combine to deliver on a fresh and exciting take on modern day indie-pop.

Bleach Girls - Like You     Rock, Pop, Punk 15/10/2016
Bleach Girls are a beach punk, garage rock band from Byron Bay. Formed in late 2015 by Fi Fi Bleach and Mickey Bleach as a two piece.
Recorded at Blind Boy Studios, Gold Coast, ‘Like You’ takes cues from the group’s staple influences Best Coast, Alvvays and Fidlar. The track melds bratty surf-rock with angsty lo-fi punk; yet still managing to retain well refined pop-sensibilities, sure to ensue many rowdy late night sing-a-longs.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Bleach Girls:  I Suck You Suck  -  No Fun
Deep Sea Arcade - Learning To Fly     Pop, Retro, Rock 11/10/2016
Deep Sea Arcade’s reverberated pop recalls guitar based music from across the ages yet retains a character and charm that is undeniably unique.
The track melds the psychedelia-influenced sound of Deep Sea Arcade’s debut record with newly found sonic stimulus from the band’s time spent touring, recording and living throughout the UK and Europe since the release of Outlands.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)