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Pound Records

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Hue Blanes - To Those Who Are Finding It Hard To Sleep Tonight     Jazz, Live Performance, Pop, Folk 25/02/2015
A virtuoso pianist with a musky, melancholic singing voice, Hue Blanes has been playing music since he was seven. He is a Melbourne institution, dug in deeper than a tick
melodic big range ballad with horns

Other tracks by Hue Blanes:  The Captain and the Sea  -  Mumma Let Me Go
James Macaulay Quartet - Christmas Day Love Song     Jazz 24/02/2015
A powerful and obsessive trombonist, James Macaulay is the new face of Australia’s unique continuum of trad jazz. A mad bone player, music scholar, and historian
Melbourne Instrumental jazz

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Other tracks by James Macaulay Quartet:  Lingering Notes  -  Melancholy Thing
Archer - Garden     Country, Blues 19/02/2015
Archer is probably Australia’s most mysterious, wild and unpredictable travelling musician.He is an authentic bush bluesman and wanderer from everywhere.
Garden is up to you to work out.
The song is beautiful

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Other tracks by Archer:  Time Machine  -  One grain a sand