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Pompadour PR

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Port Royal - Get Heavy     Rock, Blues, Garage, Rockabilly 17/03/2017
Almost three years after KISS’ Gene Simmons infamously declared, “Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered”, Brisbane quartet Port Royal are out to resurrect their beloved genre.
“Get Heavy” is a rollicking rock tune, driven by silky-smooth guitar phrasing, ridiculously upbeat rhythms, and irresistible call and response chorus vocals. Lead by charismatic frontman Lawson Doyle, Port Royal’s latest single is an injection of pure, high-octane classic rock straight to your ears.

The Dollar Bill Murrays - I Want Everything     Rock, Grunge, Blues 03/03/2017
The Dollar Bill Murrays blend the best qualities of Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys to deliver a tasty and satisfying alt-rock soup.
Opening with a tambourine and smooth bass melody, the song rolls along driven overdriven guitars and Felix's sombre ode to a now stranger. The catchy chorus “Now you’re changing the view, what am I supposed to do?" descends into an outro medley of fuzzed-up guitars and Felix’s final plea.