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LISTEN Records

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Beloved Elk - Distractions     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Garage 18/02/2017
Amy Wright and Tina Nguyen are Beloved Elk – a force of emotive post rock born out of a passion for sonic experimentation and performing.
‘Distractions’ is the first single released, an appropriate taster of the album given how the track perfectly encapsulates the emotion in the recordings. Nguyen’s drumming has become a key talking point for the band and on this particular track, it heightens the song’s vulnerability.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

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Other tracks by Beloved Elk:  Cold  -  At The Gates
Biscotti - Instamatic     Pop, Experimental 25/01/2017
Multi-instrumentalist Biscotti never settles for one style or sound, incorporating elements of synth pop, disco, hip-hop and funk to create an exciting alternative pop sound.
‘Instamatic’ is the second single to be released from ‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ and shows Biscotti’s versatility and creative flair. The track is an electro-rock fusion of Biscotti’s signature synths, Ori’s resplendent vocals and a cutting electric guitar that carries the song to it’s conclusion.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC), Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)


Other tracks by Biscotti:  Jeannie Brown  -  Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli
Hi-Tec Emotions - Heart Line     Pop, Punk, Goth, Experimental 31/10/2016
Hi-Tec Emotions is a frenetic concoction of synth punk and new wave from Melbourne that the three piece brand as 'glow wave'.
‘Heart Line’ captures the intoxicating nature of love with its luxurious keys perfectly complementing Dunstan’s vocals.

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Other tracks by Hi-Tec Emotions:  Evil
Hi-Tec Emotions - Look Around     Metal/Punk, Punk, Pop, Goth 16/09/2016
Ema Dunstan, Jess Lakatosh and Mackenzie Randall make up Hi-Tec Emotions. The band's sound is a frenetic concoction of synth-punk and new-wave that the three piece brand as 'glow wave'. 
Look Around depicts the conflict between the head and the heart set to a relentless musical backing. Dunstan's vocals are boisterous and confident, telling the anguish that comes with making choices and learning how to deal with love, life, and self-doubt.

A bold debut release with an uncontainable sense of fun and zeal within their distorted, reverb-drenched sound.

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Shag Planet - Too Many Babes, Too Little Time     Electronic, Pop, Punk, Comedy 03/06/2016
Shag Planet are a duo from Melbourne delivering their cosmic-bangers to Earth. Intergalactic beats, direct from their home planet: where synth-based production is paired with swirling harmonies and dissonant guitars.
Too Many Babes, Too Little Time is about someones struggles with their sexuality, becoming so overwhelmed by desire for others that their head explodes. While the song is marred by tragedy, Shag Planet turn the protagonist’s downfall into a vibrant array of synth based production, swirling harmonies and dissonant guitars.

Stina Tester & Cinta Masters - Awake and Dreaming     Metal/Punk, Pop, Punk, Goth 31/03/2016
Stina and Cinta’s music delivers both upbeat pop and darker mystery. It catches you off guard with its unconventional, hard-hitting drums with hypnotising harmonies, electronic flourishes and tightly synchronised keys.
Awake and Dreaming, the title track of their debut album is defined by Stina's bellowing organ and textured synth lines and Cinta's expressive and relentless drumming. Lyrically it is embedded in themes of nature, feminism and personal growth.

Other tracks by Stina Tester & Cinta Masters:  Mystery  -  Deep Sleep
Simona Castricum - Ennis House Pool     Electronic, Pop, Techno, Dance 17/02/2016
Simona Castricum is a singer/songwriter, DJ, producer & transgender femme. Self-described as melancholic, yet triumphant stadium techno-pop, Simona’s energetic performances are a combination of physical electronic percussion and emotional vocal.
Simona Castricum's new single, 'Ennis House Pool', is a deep, emotive and immersive track about losing your way in the fine art of self-care in search of the bottom. Sonically, ‘Ennis House Pool’ is about lush textures, deep break-beats and a lyrically forgiving story about self-loathing.

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Other tracks by Simona Castricum:  No Allegiance  -  Two Fall on One's Sword