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Hayley Couper - Caught Up     Pop, Electronic 11/02/2017
Hayley Couper is a Tasmanian born, Melbourne based artists who write grungy, hypnotic pop. She is an intense performer who captures audiences with her recognisable sound and style.
'Caught Up' is a stunning taste of hypnotic pop that teams heavy synths, grungy guitar lines and Couper's smokey voice. 'Caught Up' is a groove driven track inspired by a cross-country move to follow a relationship, without knowing if the gamble will pay off.

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Mount Saint Leonard - Lonely Love     Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues 11/02/2017
Mount Saint Leonard are a four piece indie-folk band based in Melbourne. The group have a nostalgic and authentic sound with an emphasis on strong, meaningful lyrics.
Recorded live with no overdubs, 'Lonely Love' begins with Kathleen's vocals, leading a mix of somnolent guitar and dramatic stops. This teamed with the lyrical air of solace and Kathleen's ever emotive vocals creates a ballad reminiscent of a traditional folk track fuelled by heartbreak.

Broadway Sounds - Le Voyage D'un Vagabond     Electronic, World, Dance, Pop 08/02/2017
“Retro 808s, contorted synths, computer love phrases, and breezy lyrics combine for an irresistible dance jaunt.” – Stereogum
Lush, disco, french, lounge vibes.

Angus Dawson - Ocean in The Sky     Electronic, Pop, Soul, Atmospheric 12/10/2016
“Effortlessly emotive. That chorus really got me, Angus” – Lachlan Macara, Triple J"Battles" is all about build. Uptempo layers continually shift and grow’ – Indie Shuffle
Emotionally charged with warm vocals and engaging layers of sweeping soundscapes, Ocean In The Sky considers the compromises in relationships and the internal battle that can ensue. The iconically melancholy overtones engage, as you find yourself listening deeper and deeper, ensuring you are making the most of the sonic experience.

Broadway Sounds - Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting     Pop, World, Dance, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 12/10/2016
'You would think Aussie electro-funk trio Broadway Sounds grew up on the West Coast with super groovy, warped, high and low synths that are so funkin’ funk' - Stereogum
Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting somehow cohesively blends 80s synth with intergalactic nintendo boogie that leaves you thinking “Of course! Why didn’t I come up with that?!”. It is clear example of the band’s frighteningly creative minds and insight into the chaos the group formulate on dancefloors.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Mount Saint Leonard - Blame Me     Pop, Folk, Blues 30/09/2016
Mount Saint Leonard bring a fresh, upbeat and sassy sound to front woman Kathleen Mary Lee's solo work who has had rave reviews for her 60s folk reminiscent.
Blame Me is reminiscent of a Southern blues heartbreak track, depicting the classic tale of a plutonic relationship blossoming further, but from one side only.

Zól Bálint - Domino     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience, Easy Listening 30/09/2016
Melbourne's improvisational production lord Zól Bálint is one to keep an eye fixated upon.The eclectic, local beat-smith has been turning heads with his uniquely crafted, ambient electronica
Domino starts with a blend of electronic and earthly sounds, simultaneously edging you to explore your psyche and cyberspace. Domino sets the tone by paying homage to eastern music with low-fi rhythms, touching on traditional Indonesian beats through waves of cool, calm and collected early electronic experimentation.

Localles - JFK     Rock 23/09/2016
"Localles’ live routine is starting to garner some buzz. Add some political awareness to that and they could have all the hallmarks of the next Midnight Oil. Too soon?"- MusicFeeds
JFK is a statement of perspective of how two opposing forces can share common goals. That no matter what side people are on, the other side is always wrong. Specific historical moments show the affect on everyday people of the decisions made by men in ivory towers.

Sweethearts - JMF     Pop, Soul 11/08/2016
Four Leaf Clover is your classic Motown heartbreak with a youthful take on lost love, and a refreshing female energy.
The first track and single JMF sets the tone for listeners, grabbing with an inescapable funky bass
groove that gets feet tapping and blood pumping. The driving bass is followed by 80's disco
inspired synth, tight horn lines that quickly morph the track into a classic big band hit.

Other tracks by Sweethearts:  Peddington
Hoodlem x Basecamp - One Thing     Electronic, Pop, Soul 22/07/2016
The Heston Blumenthal of R&B’ - triple j’s Dom Alessio on Hoodlem
Real slow-jam a la 90s... Tune.

Soft Corporate - Downward Sea     Pop, Easy Listening 11/07/2016
“Lotta heart on this song, and built well around a great chorus and beautifulplaying. Onyaz” Zan Rowe, Triple J
Downward Sea is propelled by the subtle ebbs and flows of piano melodies and elegant movement of Sheehan's vocals, Soft Corporate evoke a familiar sense of melancholy that hits with remarkable force

Nathan Hudson - Getaway Car     Rock, Pop 01/07/2016
Former frontman of iconic and platinum selling Australian band Faker, Nathan Hudson has embarked on a songwriting adventure titled - Map of Stars.
The lead single ‘Getaway Car’ is a fuzzy and grounded guitar-led track. Layered in melodic fashions the song packs a powerful punch with catchy hooks, punchy lyrics and a feel-good vibe. Wind down the windows and enjoy.

Soft Corporate - Slipped     Pop, Easy Listening 21/06/2016
Today we introduce you to newcomers Soft Corporate. Based in Melbourne,the indie four-piece explore the boundaries of pop with their simultaneously anthemic and intricate compositions.
Peppered with sweeping guitars, big choruses and brilliant melodies, 'Slipped' has an earnest and yearning subtly to it. It's a catchy pop song with intricate hooks and shines in its simplicity.

Kathleen Mary Lee - Hey, Very Good Friend     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Chill 17/06/2016
Zan Rowe, Triple J – ‘What a beauty. Takes me back to the delicate folk ofthe 60’s in such a wonderful way’ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ (4/5 stars)
Hey, Very Good Friend is a bittersweet ending as Kathleen explores a sense of solace and acceptance. Her melodies are slow and subtle offering a beautiful synthesis of acoustic and organic elements.

Allan Smithy - Four Letter Reason     Pop, Easy Listening 16/06/2016
“Sitting in the sweet spot somewhere between folk and dream-pop... three and half minutes of blissful nostalgia.” — YEN
Drawing heavily from the 80’s Australian hay day, Allan Smithy’s ‘Four Letter Reason’ is a wash of chorus and delay. Bathing in a sea of nostalgia, the track is like going through a stack of old polaroids, a reminder of growing up in suburban Sydney.

Soft Corporate - Boats     Pop, Easy Listening 01/06/2016
Today we introduce you to newcomers Soft Corporate. Based in Melbourne,the indie four-piece explore the boundaries of pop with their simultaneouslyanthemic and intricate compositions.
[Boats] is a masterful exercise in dynamic diversity, winding through peaks and troughs between its passages... before shrill, wailing, atmospheric guitar takes over, leading into a cacophonous crescendo that ultimately — and kind of brilliantly — fades into breathless nothingness in its dying seconds. - The Music

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Jake Meadows - Lost Entitlement     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 20/05/2016
There’s something spellbinding about the music that Jake Meadows has let land. With Daniel Johns as an honoured collaborator, Meadows has created a modern marriage of true analog and electronic.
Lost Entitlement is great example of intricate percussive elements, combined with striking melodies that bridge the gap between an unconventional artist, harpist and the dance floor.

Canary - Fickle Heart     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 17/05/2016
Canary explore the experiences and mysteries of the universe through their music. A band focused on being completely in the moment whether it is good or bad, calm or heated.
'With me all this sh*t begins/With me it's supposed to end'. A fitting opening line for a band so self-aware, so explorative of the human condition. 'Fickle Heart' is two-minded: a self-assured stomp juxtaposes a lilting meander, culminating in roiling chaos; something recognizable to anyone who's gone through a breakup.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Canary:  Here We Go
Xeus - Slow     Hip Hop, Rap 22/04/2016
Complex - 'seriously menacing'BLKDMNDS - '"Some sh*t that only trill pimps will f*** with"
“Slow” takes a page from the score of Halloween, with some seriously menacing keys, a molasses-thick bass and tinkering trap hats, and sees Xeus assert his spot in the rap game to anyone who’s not yet familiar. - Complex

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Colourwaves - Night Boat     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop, Ambience 25/03/2016
If Colourwaves was a cocktail, it’d be 2 shots slowdive, 1 shot M83, a nip of early Asobi Seksu, top it all off, a few dashes of My Bloody Valentine
Packed with lucid tones and dreamy atmospherics, Colourwaves has unleashed his second single ‘Night Boat’ from his upcoming EP. Hailing from Sydney, Ryan Dodson aka Colourwaves shows exceptional talent for creating immersive oceanic shoegaze coined by Dodson himself as ‘drowse-pop’. Colourwaves’ self-invented euphoric universe is both immersive and evocative.