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Green South Records

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Simon McCullough - The Little Things     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 06/01/2017
Simon McCullough has lived the stories he sings about, puts them down like mile markers on his road, lets you in on the secrets.
Title track from Simon's new EP, a beautiful song that focuses on the important things in life.

Other tracks by Simon McCullough:  In the Valley  -  Don't Wanna Come Down
Dylan Walker - Line By Line     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 10/12/2016
Dylan is the first artist to be released as part of the Green South Records Buskers of Melbourne series. Sixteen years old. Writes all his own stuff.
'Line By Line' is the title track from Dylan Walker's Debut EP.

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Other tracks by Dylan Walker:  Dog Eat Dog  -  Worker in the Dark
Pete Fidler - Take That Train     Folk, Country, Acoustic 06/09/2016
Pete Fidler is a multi instrumentalist of the highest calibre. He's made his name as a sideman and now has stepped into the spotlight with this brilliant new album.
This song previously appeared on my Slide Night CD, sung by co-author Chris Bitcon. (He wrote the awesome bridge). One of my go-to songs (every sideman needs a song or two they can call up). Surprise banjo solo, please be gentle.

Other tracks by Pete Fidler:  Leaves Don't Fall  -  Buzz in the Room
Christy Cooney's Brew - Miller and the Maid     Folk, World 17/08/2016
Christy Cooney is a legend of the Australian Celtic and Folk scene. He has been a part of some of the best bands, albums and concerts this country has seen.
Christy Cooney, Louis McManus, Steve Cooney and and all star band. This is the classic 1983 album, available now for the first time online. The ease and joy of the playing is astounding.

Other tracks by Christy Cooney's Brew:  Sullivans John  -  Uncle Nobby's Steamboat
Maria Forde - Sing a Song for Ireland (Irish Sons and Daughters)     Folk, World 17/08/2016
"Maria is a fine singer and gifted songwriter. ...her lyrics reflect an understanding of the human condition, its triumphs and disasters, it's bright peaks and dark corners...” — Eric Bogle
The title track taken from Maria's new album, Sing a Song for Ireland.

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Other tracks by Maria Forde:  Hard Times Come Again No More  -  Ship Ahoy
Peter O'Shea - The Healing Heart     Folk, Instrumental, World 17/08/2016
His playing is a meeting of worlds, the old and the new, a journey that tells a story through tunes and melodies and the tales that exist between the notes.
The Healing Heart, a beautiful track taken from Peter's album, Paying for the Crowns. It is an emotive, soaring piece that captures the spirit of the title.

Other tracks by Peter O'Shea:  Lazy Monday/Two Faces  -  October Day
Shanakee - Throw Your Troubles Away     Folk, World 17/08/2016
The appeal of Shanakee stretches across generations, bringing together people from all walks of life, connected by a mutual love of the Celtic heartbeat at the core of Shanakee’s music.
Throw Your Troubles Away, the first track from the Weeds and Wildflowers album by Shanakee.

Other tracks by Shanakee:  Farewell Ronnie Drew  -  Apollo Bay