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General Airplay

Reggae, Ska & Dub tunes good for airplay anytime of the day to be enjoyed by all ages. Mix these tracks with your tried and true collection to showcase fresh new Australian music.


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Tjintu Desert Band - Tjamuku Ngurra     Rock, Reggae, Australian Indigenous 07/03/2014
Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album Tjamuku Ngurra heralds a new era in the sound of desert rock coming from Central Australia today. Santana-like riffs make this track perfect for radio.
Tjamuku Ngurra opens with a Santana-like riff perfect for radio and expands into a powerfully resonant tribal chorus driven by more funk based riffs. Lifted off Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album of the same name this song & album showcase the new sound coming out of Central Australia right now!

Rasta Unity - I Can't Believe     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, RnB, Dub 06/03/2014
Reggae band Rasta Unity have delivered high energy uplifting shows to audiences in Australia and Brazil.Recently released their EP "Global Warning" Rasta Unity has plans to tour nationally in 2014.
A powerful and soulful track written by Sistah Candice (Lead Singer) a month after the birth of her first child. It tells of the unbelievable love a parent has for their child.


Other tracks by Rasta Unity:  Groove Tonight  -  Global Warning
CC The Cat - Brand New Day     Reggae/Dub, Roots 04/03/2014
Dynamic roots act CC The Cat are an anthem pumping, rhythm rockin, brass-blowing, booty-shaking, eye-popping reggae-funk-soul explosion fronted by soul diva CC and featuring her powerful voice and addictive songs.
Echoing messages of Bob Marley, this life affirming get-out-of-bed tune by CC the Cat explores a woman’s decision to cast off a cloud of depression and choose a life of freedom and happiness outside the modern rat race.

Other tracks by CC The Cat:  Dream Boy  -  Rock My World
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Get Smart     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Cover Version 17/02/2014
The MSO started selling out gigs nationally within 6 months of releasing their debut album. With 30 people on stage you can't but help dance!
This will get anyone with two left feet up and dancing. Covering the theme song from Get Smart its all about having a good time. Get up and dance!

Other tracks by Melbourne Ska Orchestra:  The Diplomat  -  Lygon Street Meltdown
Bobby Alu - Hello Again     Reggae/Dub, Roots 14/02/2014
Bobby Alu, after a huge 6 months and a super-chilled festive and festival season, is stoked to announce that he and his cohorts are back on tour!
Showcasing his deft handling of songwriting and multi-instrumentation perfectly, Bobby Alu and producer (and band mate) Paulie B recorded ‘Hello Again’, the B-side to ‘Skippin Stones’ in just one day.

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Mat McHugh - More Money     Pop, Dub, Roots 14/02/2014
Singer, songwriter, performer, producer for The Beautiful Girls and his solo recordings, Mat’s music ranges from singalong to intimate acoustic to dancehall rhythms and has created a worldwide audience.
Mat McHugh is kicking off 2014 with the dancehall and dub influenced More Money, “part of the continuum” from his self-penned and home recorded The Beautiful Girls’ Spooks album. Along with the goodtime grooves there is a message for our times which sits with McHugh’s long held independent, self-reliant ethos.

Bobby Alu - Skippin Stones     Reggae/Dub, Roots 07/02/2014
Renowned Australian artist and multi-instrumentalist Bobby Alu releases his new single ‘Skippin Stones' - available also on 7inch vinyl [Vital Signs] in support of the accompanying tour.
One of the more party-paced tracks from Bobby's second album Take It Slow, 'Skippin Stones' is like a super fun beach holiday. Or weekend in Byron...

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Other tracks by Bobby Alu:  All The Way [Radio Edit]  -  You Know
OJ Morris - Jah Is Love     World, World 06/12/2013
Music about uniting the world and how god love us. We should ourselves.
It is about love of God and rest of the world.

Other tracks by OJ Morris:  Gimme That Loving  -  Let's Change The System
Kingfisha - Fallen Empire     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Reggae 29/11/2013
Brisbane 6 piece Kingfisha have cemented themselves as one of the undisputed must see acts on the Australian roots scene: no small achievement.
‘Fallen Empire’ in Forrest’s own words is “one of those rare tunes that felt complete very quickly, almost in one session. The bass line brought it all together, it's still one of our absolute favourite & strongest tracks to play live”.

Declan Kelly presents Diesel n'Dub - The Dead Heart (featuring Emma Donovan)     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Cover Version, Dub 12/11/2013
Highly respected and regarded musician and producer, Declan Kelly releases Diesel n’Dub, a major new release in support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
The Dead Heart is Emma Donovan's powerful and heartfelt rendition of the Midnight Oil hit, presented by Declan Kelly's Diesel n'Dub and mixed by dub legend Mad Professor. In support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation it features a chorus in Donovan's traditional Gumbayngirr language, resulting in a stunning dub-reggae anthem.

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Other tracks by Declan Kelly presents Diesel n'Dub:  The Dead Heart Xtended
Bart Willoughby - Aboriginal Reggae     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 05/11/2013
'Aboriginal Reggae' by Bart Willoughby. This song appears on Home Volume 5.
Bart Willoughby's 'Aboriginal Reggae'. This song appears on Home Volume 5. The Home compilation series is an initiative of Q Music.

Dubmarine - Bullyman     Electronic, Australian Indigenous 05/11/2013
Dubmarine's 'Bullyman' on the Home Volume 5 compilation.
'Bullyman' by Dubmarine on Home Volume 5 compilation. The Home compilation series is an initiative of Q Music.

Sticky Fingers - Freddy Crabs     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic 24/09/2013
Psych/folk and pop/rock/roots. If the Clash, Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys are 3 beads of sweat that meet rolling down your back, Sticky's are at the bottom licking it up.
'Freddy Crabs' comes off Sticky Fingers album, Caress Your Soul. It see's the band experiment with more electronic driven soundscapes whilst maintaining the dub-rock vibe. Freddy Crabs explores various themes of being lost and shared experiences, but what you make of it is completely up to your minds own choosing.

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Kingtide - El Bad Man     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Roots 20/09/2013
Ahead of a brand new album release scheduled for early 2014, Sydney's roots, pop reggae royalty Kingtide launch a brand new single 'El Bad Man'
In the lead up to the release of their brand new album in early 2014, Sydney's kings of roots pop reggae - Kingtide drop their brand new single EL BAD MAN - genre mash of reggae, hip hop and big band stylings!

Other tracks by Kingtide:  Heatwave Dub
Pete Usher & the Global Pandemic - Lights of Lesmurdie     Folk, Acoustic, Folk 02/09/2013
Pete Usher and the Global Pandemic plays catchy folk music to make you dance and gives you lyrics to make you think
Glowing like fairy lights the Perth city skyline has inspired a vivid, dreamy suburban story. Beautiful instrumentation and crisp guitar set the scene perfectly.

Other tracks by Pete Usher & the Global Pandemic:  All Good  -  Down By The River
The Strides - One For One     Reggae/Dub, African 30/07/2013
The Strides bring together some of Sydney's best new talent in Afrobeat, reggae, jazz and hip-hop, spurring a new wave of Sydney interest in the hypnotic grooves of Afrobeat.
'One for One' showcases the talents and rhymes of LTL Gzeus alongside the incredible vocals of future-soul rising star Ngaiire, in a song about self-realisation, self-discovery, and coming to terms with a new world that is not what you expected.

Kooyeh - Mountain Top     Reggae/Dub, Reggae 23/07/2013
Kooyeh is a high energy Reggae/Soul outfit from Melbourne. With a 3 piece horn section, 2 backing singers and a skankalicious riddim section, Kooyeh are sure to catch your ear.
This track has been in the Kooyeh repertoire for quite some time and has informally become their 'anthem' or singalong track. Mountain Top was written/arranged by keyboardist/vocalist Isaac walker. Mountain Top is about escaping from the hustle of the city and relaxing in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

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Other tracks by Kooyeh:  Haven't Found a Lady  -  Soul Cleansing
The Chosen Ones - I'm Coming Home     Reggae/Dub, Roots, RnB, Dub 23/07/2013
We are 'The Chosen Ones', a 4 piece Reggae Music group of individuals put on this earth to make a difference.
Some say that the world and its people are evolving to a higher place, others say we are destined for Armageddon. None of us know the future, but we can welcome each day and each human being as a jewel. Live Love and find Home.

Other tracks by The Chosen Ones:  Mr President
Saritah - Thru it All     Reggae/Dub, Soul, Pop, Roots 18/07/2013
Saritah returns from touring Canada and The States with Dig Deep. The much anticipated 3rd album release in Australia. Tears Of Joy is the upbeat and catchy first single!
The second single from the album Dig Deep, Thru it All is a defiant affirmation of faith. Dynamic, deep, and full of conviction, the raw and sparse intro gives way to a driving dancehall influenced groove and epic melody hook. It is a song about believing, no matter what. Powerful!

Other tracks by Saritah:  Tears Of Joy
Blue King Brown - Rize Up     Reggae/Dub, Roots 03/07/2013
Blue King Brown release a sonic single & cracker film clip. Rize Up pushes into a new musical space, recently described “...solidarity made into sound, and sound to transform action…”
Blue King Brown, release a sonic new single. #RizeUp is inspired by the amount of human energy being generated in the name of Truth and Justice around the globe right now.
#RizeUp pushes into a new musical space, recently described “...solidarity made into sound, and sound to transform action…”

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