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Good for general airplay anytime of the day to be enjoyed by all ages. Mix these tracks with your tried and true collection to showcase fresh new Australian music.


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Bearfoot - Impolite     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Rock, Psychedelic 26/11/2015
Bearfoot’s roots/reggae has you bound for the dancefloor, bringing together the best musicians the Sunshine Coast has bared. It’s a great idea, which turned into a brilliant one
A monster of a reggae track that bounces along, smiling while flipping the bird at the establishment. 'Impolite' solidifies Bearfoot's position firmly in Australian psychedelic reggae, with swirling layers of keys, trumpet and dubby guitar over the steadfast groove.

Bin Juice - Bubblegum Warrior     Funk/Soul, Rock 19/11/2015
Bin Juice play high energy funk music with influence drawn from Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop and Psychedelia. It is music to dance to. Heavy, deep grooves and explosive jams.
A classic funk groove turned on its head, accompanied by the story of a professional high pressure cleaner, leading into a heavy jam with a noisy guitar solo.

Other tracks by Bin Juice:  3 AM  -  Why Keep Track of The Time
Kinsky - I Am The Mountain     Reggae/Dub 19/11/2015
After their critically acclaimed debut album Sunset On The Good Fight, Sydney soul reggae band Kinsky are back with a new 6 track EP slated for release in early 2016.
In true Kinsky fashion this new track (mixed in Tokyo no less) combines Ernie Garland's typical smooth vocals with their signature solid backing vocals and classic reggae mid-tempo back beat. A laid back but catchy and powerful tune for the dance floor or the hammock.

Little King - Perfectly Faulty     Reggae/Dub, Electronic, Chill 14/11/2015
Little King is a hybrid mix of dub-reggae and electronic sounds, tinged with soul, blues and hip-hop complemented by interesting and thoughtful melodies and lyrics, and witty grooves and hooks.
Perfectly faulty is the paradox that sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. It is somewhat cryptic, telling the story of a friendship that had loads of ups and downs but in the end it is stronger for it via a unique dance/dub reggae fusion.

Other tracks by Little King:  Without Vision  -  Creatures
Bootleg Rascal - Asleep In The Machine     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic 13/11/2015
Ghetto-Dubsters, Bootleg Rascal are a 4 bliss dub crew from Sydney and Gold Coast. Masters of hiphop infused jams and sonic brews: blending infectious alternative rhythms. ( May 2015).
A band favourite on the record, 'Asleep In The Machine', sees singer Q-Dome in his element. The song maintains the unique Bootleg flavours with a sexy Rhodes piano and intergalactic guitar hooks laid down over a trip-hop beat.

The Protesters - Green Utopia     Reggae/Dub 28/10/2015
Sydney based socially conscious, roots-reggae band, The Protesters, communicate heart felt messages of social and environmental justice, with deep roots reggae riddims.
Green Utopia' is a track that takes you on a journey over a sea of reggae riddims.
It gives us hope that someday we can live in harmony with the earth.
The invitation to take the journey is given to all.

Other tracks by The Protesters:  Opportunity  -  Green Utopia Dub
Great Earthquake - Full Time Buzz     Pop, Dub, Punk 26/10/2015
Noah Symons is Great Earthquake — a one-man band, self-taught looping machine
As hyperactive as the name might suggest, this instrumental ditty taken from the Thought Broadcasting EP is a pile up of ecstatic live beats laced with playful bass and guitar, while glockenspiel chimes and melodicas waft by, brief and fleeting as are all the best moments of coffee-fueled inspiration.

Black Bird Hum - On And On     Reggae/Dub, Dub 09/10/2015
A blend of roots, reggae and folk, wound together with captivating hooks, solid grooves and striking harmonies.
Black Bird hum’s latest single, written in response to successive Australian government’s treatment of people seeking asylum here…

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Jesse Morris Band - Open Your Eyes     Reggae/Dub, Acoustic 05/10/2015
Dub-conscious soul, roots & reggae troubadours based in the Australian Northern Rivers Byron Bay hinterland. Touring nationally From Oct-Dec 2015.
The first of 3 collaborations to be released between Byron Bay based soul-roots-reggae troubadours the 'Jesse Morris Band' and master-producer 'Kakhand'. 'Open Your Eyes' is a roots reggae mantra for awareness encouraging listeners to clear the traffic & noise that stands between us, happiness & the truth. National tour October-December.

Kingfisha - Water Running     Reggae/Dub 01/10/2015
The county’s premier roots-reggae outfit, Kingfisha are poised to make some major in-roads with a new single and album on the way
A heady mix of big bass lines, floating effects and killer melodies.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Satellite     Reggae/Dub, Ska 16/09/2015
‘Satellite’ is a sonic joyride with dynamic horns, crystal vocals, classic driving Ska rhythm and an infectious hook. A nod to the bands Ska roots.
‘Riding on a Satellite’ is a metaphor for flying high when the balance is right, a little like ‘Walking on Sunshine’ with a cosmic twist!


Exek - The Theme From Judge Judy     Rock, Dub 01/09/2015
A mix of dub and krauty no wave, ambient and synthy post punk not unlike PiL, Swell Maps or Beak.
A bleak and despairing ode to the daytime soap opera that fills many an unemployed individuals afternoon.

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Blackbreaks - Driving At Night     Rock, Industrial, Dubstep 25/08/2015
Blackbreaks are spread between Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains and inner-city Sydney. They combine alt guitar rock, industrial tinged electronica, and a proudly politicised message. With waistcoats.
Driving at Night explores the story of an Australian soldier who has just completed a tour in Afghanistan, but before returning home he spontaneously decides to accept a lucrative private contract top drive a truck as part of a convoy. He just needs to stay awake, and avoid IEDs.


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Creekside Reggae Band - Yiwarra (Back Road to Kinote)     Indigenous, Reggae 12/08/2015
Creekside Reggae Band featured in Bush Bands Bash 2015 Compilation
Yiwarra (back road to Kintore) by Creekside Reggae Band.
Featured on the 2015 Bush Bands Bash compilation CD.

Desert Mulga - Wati     Indigenous, Reggae 12/08/2015
Desert Mulga featured in the Bush Bands Bash 2015 Compilation
Wati by Deserty Mulga.
Featured on the 2015 Bush Bands Bash compilation CD.

Eastern Reggae - Holy Water     Indigenous, Reggae 12/08/2015
Eastern Reggae featured on Bush Bands Bash 2015 Compilation
Holy Water by Eastern Reggae.
Featured on the 2015 Bush Bands Bash compilation CD.

Pukatja St Reggae Band - Nyinarana Kulini     Indigenous, Reggae 12/08/2015
Pukatja St Reggae Band featured in the Bush Bands Bash 2015 Compilation
Nyinarana Kulini by Pukatja St Reggae Band.
Featured on the 2015 Bush Bands Bash compilation CD.

Drop Legs - Hungover Days     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Grunge 08/08/2015
Roots hip hop meets grunge and soul..."Loving the blend of reggae and hip hop you've got going on." Sarah Howells (Roots n All Triple J)
A track about waking up after a big night, surrounded by mates - then reminiscing on the night over a surf and BBQ...

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Other tracks by Drop Legs:  Tempted By Fear  -  Now I'm Ready
Nattali Rize ft. Zuggu Dan - Rebel Love     Reggae/Dub, Reggae 03/08/2015
Nattali Rize debut EP 'New Era Frequency' imbues the global consciousness and energy of reggae with a distinct lyricism & vocal prowess. The songs are brimming with defiance and heart.
Nattali Rize’s sweet soulful melodies on this track are delightfully surprising and super hooky. It’s the first time we capture a glimpse of Nattali’s soft and feminine side. A result of her collaboration with cutting edge production team; the Kingston based drum and bass duo Notis.

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Nattali Rize - Generations Will Rize     Reggae/Dub, Reggae 03/08/2015
Nattali Rize debut EP 'New Era Frequency' imbues the global consciousness and energy of reggae with a distinct lyricism & vocal prowess. The songs are brimming with defiance and heart.
Dubbed "one of the nation's most refreshing voices" by Rolling Stone, Nattali Rize’s sweet battle cry on this cruisy tune was written with the intention to inspire and empower listeners, and to those ready to resonate to the new era frequency affecting consciousness right now.

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