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Amrap's AirIt :: Reggae/Dub :: General Airplay

General Airplay

Reggae, Ska & Dub tunes good for airplay anytime of the day to be enjoyed by all ages. Mix these tracks with your tried and true collection to showcase fresh new Australian music.


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Chris Shermer - Don't Take It Easy     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Reggae, Pop 12/12/2014
Aussie expat Chris Shermer spends much of his time these days touring his special brand of percussive finger-style acoustic guitar playing across Europe
a groovy reggae / roots track with a cool summer feel

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Centre & The South - Feel That Flow     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Pop 11/12/2014
From roots beginnings the band have evolved to a predominantly reggae sound with elements of soul and rock.
The positive, relaxing and happy vibes that exudes exponentially from Centre and The South are ridiculously infectious. They have penned a song that is all about spreading love, peace and overall good vibes, that has captured the dynamic delight that is the spirit of Centre & The South.

Dali and The Paperband - Heartless     Reggae/Dub 11/12/2014
The Hobart based trio capture audiences with intriguing originals and improvisations. Drawing influence from Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Keziah Jones, the band integrate Indi, Funk, Dance and more.
A syncopated rhythmic tune with some powerful vocals from Dali Shroj, best known for his reggae and roots work, now heading into different territory with this track but still keeping an organic feel.

Franke G Ft. Matt Knight - Once There Was     Reggae/Dub 21/11/2014
Franke G Ft. Matt Knight on the Sounds of the Wheatbelt compilation.
This song is about the life journey of teenager into an adult and the difficulties faced from an outside perspective

Sonny Rolfe - Hey Boy     Rock, Rockabilly 18/11/2014
Songwriter, arranger who records, produces and distributes his own label, with a bundle of Awards in Country, Folk, Blues and Rock.
A happy song about the obvious expression of love on a young man's face . .

Other tracks by Sonny Rolfe:  It Ain't Mine  -  One Small Kiss
Dubarray - Visions Collide     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Ambience 29/09/2014
People speak of tripping the light fantastic - if ever there were an aural form of this visceral experience, it is Dubarray.
Visions Collide is a chillwave track, a soundtrack to lazy days and sun-soaked trips in your mind. Relax and let your mind trip the light fantastic.


Strange Tenants - I Don't Want To Fight Your War     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Soul 05/09/2014
Strange Tenants were the pre-eminent Australian SKA band of the 1980s, and toured with U2, Style Council, Paul Weller & UB40.
The album also features a new fiercely anti-war anthem, I Don’t Want To Fight Your War, an upbeat full on power-ska number. Referencing the folly/tragedy of the West’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the song defiantly proclaims: “I don’t want to fight no more”.

Other tracks by Strange Tenants:  Grey Skies (Over Collingwood)
WildWater - Rrawa     Reggae/Dub, Ska 22/08/2014
WildWater fuse reggae, dub, dancehall, rock and groove.
Rrawa means 'home' and describes life in Maningrida, in Arnhem Land. GIves a look at missing the home and while living in the big city.

Other tracks by WildWater:  Blythe River  -  Walk Again
The Chosen Ones - Searching     Reggae/Dub, Roots, RnB, Dub 21/07/2014
We are 'The Chosen Ones', a 4 piece Reggae Music group of individuals put on this earth to make a difference.
Love is the only riches you ever need.

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Other tracks by The Chosen Ones:  Mr President  -  I'm Coming Home
Jakubi - Couch Potato     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop 27/06/2014
Very catchy reggae inspired guitar to clever synth and hip hop sounding drum fills, Jakubi makes sure the listener understands exactly what's to happen next; you're about to start dancing.
Jakubi's unique flavour is made up of an irresistible combination of jangle guitars, hip hop beats and sailing synth rhythms. From melding the sounds of a talk box one minute, to reggae-inspired guitar the next.

Billard Boys - Nyul Nyul People     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Billard Boys recorded at the Keep Culture Fest, Beagle Bay 2013.
This band hails from Beagle Bay community and this song is about the traditional people of the area. Billard is also the traditional name for Beagle Bay.

Other tracks by Billard Boys:  Ngarinyin People  -  Billard Boys
Oz Island - Perfect Love     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Oz Island recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A smooth track with smooth songwriting. This is about giving all of your heart to someone and experiencing that “Perfect Love”

Other tracks by Oz Island:  Better Life  -  Party
Walkabout Boys - You Are The One     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Walkabout Boys recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A great original track by this great band. The crowd roared when this band walked on stage. Yabu Band love playing the cover of this song.

Other tracks by Walkabout Boys:  Dancing  -  Cruising Down The Highway
Cliffside Reggae - Desert Warriors     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 18/06/2014
Cliffside Reggae recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A great track with a message of empowerment for all Indigenous people.

Other tracks by Cliffside Reggae:  Come Back Home To Balgo
Mary G - Pardon My Passion     Indigenous, Folk, Blues, Reggae 18/06/2014
Mary G recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
This song was sung by the famous “Black Queen of the Kimberley”, who also emceed the event. The song featured in the 2009 Indigenous film, Stone Bros and one its actor’s, Sherina Clayton, was a guest speaker at the event.

Other tracks by Mary G:  Redemtion Song
Diana May Clark - Blueprint (Love Unending)     Rock, Pop, World 12/06/2014
Melbourne singer-songwriter Diana May Clark blends influences of Beatles rock/pop with her love of Brazilian music into a new mix of Alt-pop that is unique and instantly charming.
Diana May Clark's 2nd single Blueprint (Love Unending) from the full original album due for a Spring release. Produced by Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood) Diana's song combines elements of rock/pop with Brazilian maracatu groove, playful lyrics about missing her lover while away on tour. A Melbourne/Nashville production.

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Other tracks by Diana May Clark:  Batucada Bonde (Tram Song)
The Willow Seed - Whatever May Come     Blues/Roots, Reggae, Roots 11/06/2014
The Willow Seed are Brisbane five piece folk/roots band, playing to the soulful tunes of singer-songwriter, Catherine Stevens.
Whatever May Come is a fusion of styles. Its starts off quiet and reflective with vocals, guitar and keys and then builds to a reggae chorus with a pumping rhythm section. The lyrics are uplifting and the arrangement sleek and groovy.

Radical Son - Human Behaviour     Funk/Soul, Australian Indigenous, RnB 30/05/2014
Radical Son’s mesmerizing voice seduces the soul and punches the heart. Forthcoming album Cause & Affect will deliver to Australia its first big black soul man with a capital M.
Human Behaviour boasts a roots/dub reggae feel & a solid bass groove. Verses are stark with a focus on lyrics, thus affording space for a catchy chorus to open up with multiple vocal harmonies creating a wonderful & powerful musical statement. Lovers of classic reggae roots will dig this track.

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Other tracks by Radical Son:  One Dream  -  Highest of Love
Tjintu Desert Band - Kapi ft. Radical Son     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 23/05/2014
Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album Tjamuku Ngurra heralds a new era in the sound of desert rock coming from Central Australia today.
Kapi means ‘rain’ in the language of Luritja. The song introduces us to the spatial qualities of the CD with relaxed and open dub reggae grooves. Kapi's verses flow into an swelling, uplifting chorus & features Radical Son’s soulful baritone emphasizing the importance of water in the desert.

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Tjintu Desert Band - Tjamuku Ngurra     Rock, Reggae, Australian Indigenous 07/03/2014
Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album Tjamuku Ngurra heralds a new era in the sound of desert rock coming from Central Australia today. Santana-like riffs make this track perfect for radio.
Tjamuku Ngurra opens with a Santana-like riff perfect for radio and expands into a powerfully resonant tribal chorus driven by more funk based riffs. Lifted off Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album of the same name this song & album showcase the new sound coming out of Central Australia right now!