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Footstomp Music

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Casey Marie - Demons     Folk, Blues, Roots 24/03/2017
Casey Marie has come a long way over the past few years to developing her songwriting enough to work with Aria Nominated producer Anthony Lycenko (Pete-Murray, Busby-Marou, The Beautiful Girls)
Casey Marie is back after the release of her secondEP with a re-recorded version of her earnest single "Demons". "For the past two years I've battled with anxiety and depression, sometimes to the point where I've been unable to work or perform. This song was one of my coping mechanisms."

Shag Rock - Time Wasted     Folk, Pop, Blues, Roots 24/03/2017
After having an amazing end to 2016 when their single "Sunbleached Girl" picked up over 250K Spotify streams, the four-piece then went on to release their acclaimed sophomore album “Barefoot”
“So many people I’ve met say that their drug habits are just things they do because their friends do it; and a lot of the time they go on to try and justify it as though it’s something they won’t keep doing.”

Caravana Sun - Whale Song     Folk, Rock, Roots, Blues 10/03/2017
Caravãna Sun have just returned from touring Europe for their fifth and biggest tour to date including Boardmasters Festival and Young-Art-Festival Netherlands. Click here for the tour dates -
“Whale Song is the movement of becoming ones self... I was craving something real and honest, and I found it beneath the waves harnessed by the courage of the whale.”

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Greenthief - Simple Drug     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 25/02/2017
Following the release of their acclaimed sophomore album “Tremors” last year, newly Melbourne based rock luminaries Greenthief are back again with their boldest release yet, the irresistibly addictive “Simple Drug”.
“The lyrics draw comparison to getting high from narcotics, but in this case the substance is the hate based ideals which are exaggerated when small-minded individuals get together, causing an almost euphoric effect.”

Luke Yeoward - Ghosts     Rock, Blues, Folk 25/02/2017
Inspired by the likes of Joe Strummer, Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen, Yeoward’s debut album Ghosts serves as an explosive return for the Australian rock heavyweight.
’Ghosts’ is a reminder that anything is possible and anything can change. It’s never too late. The forgotten will be counted. In this instance, music is the instigator of action. It only takes a split second for something to happen.

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Shanon Watkins - Sunnyside Up     Folk, Reggae, Rock 25/02/2017
From Brisbane, Shanon Watkins is a stocky, tattooed, red-haired, left-handed bloke; not quite the picture that first comes to mind when you think singer-songwriter. But sing and song-write he does.
“[Sitting back and relaxing in the sun] inspired me to write about being happy with what you have and who you are. Life is the journey and whatever happened, right or wrong you are who you are because of what you did to get there”.

Smoking Martha - What's Her Name     Rock, Punk 25/02/2017
Like the smoldering heat from a well-tended fire, the rock-punk outfit known as Smoking Martha has the intensity to scorch your best shirt but the discretion to spare your eyebrows.
“What's her name? Gives the listener the feeling of the controlled chaos in the obsessor's mind- whether it's the ‘if you knew me you would love me’ celebrity stalker or the imagined cheating of a lover who they have never actually met! Obsession is a dark and wild ride!”

The Mae Trio - Well Enough Alone     Folk, Blues, Country 25/02/2017
Multi-award-winning, Melbourne-based contemporary folk trio. Performing insightful original songs with superb 3 part vocal harmonies.
“I wrote this song after a few comments from men in the music scene that left me feeling small and valueless. The song is about deciding not to take those judgements on board, not to lie down and take crap from anyone, no matter who they are. “

The Settlement - Clean Trouble     Folk, Blues, Country 25/02/2017
Listing Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan as influences, The Settlement have roots in folk but pride themselves on staying honest to their own sound and never conforming to any scene.
The song and accompanying video is a tragic love story as Adrian Calvano explains “The song is about a guy reading a letter his partner had left him explaining that she has done him wrong (cheating, lying, stealing) and left.”

Will Anderson - Notions     Pop, Roots, Folk 25/02/2017
Will Anderson is a talented 19 year old musician who blends modern production with smooth vocals, didgeridoos, guitar and percussion to create a soulful one of a kind sound.
"The song is a conversation about loving someone or something and having influential people around you oppose it and and advise against it. It's about letting yourself love who you love and do what you love”.

Apakatjah - In Between     Blues/Roots, Indigenous, Alternative Country, Rock 24/02/2017
Apakatjah weave together a reflection of their blended cultures and wide influences such as Aboriginal desert reggae like Tjupi Band, oldschool metal like Iron Maiden and guitar master, Tommy Emmanuel.
“Not quite black, not quite white. Somewhere in-between! We once perceived it to be negative – socially constructed to separate and segregate, to divide and conquer. But now we realise that as Aboriginal people, we’re not the only ones who live this life, but many others. Time to embrace it!”

At The Dakota - Arrow Holder     Rock, Pop 24/02/2017
At The Dakota have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands to come out of the Northern-Territory with their addictive pop sensibilities and hooky, quirky lyrics and melodies.
“Arrow Holder” is a song about the little jealous guy who always holds the arrow and never shoots the target. The tracks high-energy and fun music video filmed in the middle of the tropical bushlands in Litchfield National Park.

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Amela - Push & Pull     Folk, Roots, Pop 31/01/2017
Following the successful release of her single 'Better Off', Bosnian born and Gold Coast based songstress is continuing this momentum with another glimpse into her album, “Somewhere In Between”.
The single, 'Push And Pull', fits perfectly with the energetic post-summer excitement of Queensland. It oozes easy-going, East Coast vibes, illustrating sunny skies and relaxing tides that whisks you away to a holiday beachfront.

Chelsea Rockwells - Halos     Rock, Grunge 31/01/2017
Chelsea Rockwells are a 3-piece rock outfit from the Gold Coast, Australia. Their riff-driven, alternative-rock sound is a result of their eclectic musical influences and tastes.
'Halos' packs a serious punch. Demonstrating a rougher, tougher sound, this can be clearly heard immediately with the dark, gut wrenching guitar riffs, and even the deathly solo in at the song’s ending. Vocalist Jay Vincent’s bright, adrenaline packed and sharp tone effortlessly contrasts the chaos.

Round Mountain Girls - Meet You At The End     Blues/Roots, Rock, Country 31/01/2017
They've graced the stages of Bluesfest, Port Fairy, Woodford, Gympie Muster, Urban Country, Mud Bulls, Caloundra, Tamworth music festivals and some of the most prestigious venues in the nation
'Meet You At The End' is classic Round Mountain Girls. The track is upbeat, signaling hope when all has been lost. Round Mountain Girls’ rambunctious live show is already littered with infectiously catchy songs, and 'Meet You At The End' will fit seamlessly into this mix.

Matt Henry - Rhinestone Climb     Country, Folk 19/01/2017
Country singer songwriter Matt Henry started writing music late (and singing even later). In 2011 he graduated from the Country Music Association of Australia Academy.
There is a principle in psychology that the most powerful force in the universe is the approving glint in a parents eye. To receive too little or too much of this glint is damaging – this damage may or may not lead to the pursuit of careers in Country Music.

The Wildbloods - Amy Baby     Rock, Pop 13/01/2017
The Wildbloods draw from a variety of genres (indie, alternative, acoustic, blues, folk, grunge, punk) in creating their own unique sound.
“’Amy Baby’ is about having strong feelings for someone and not knowing if they feel the same way about you in return. I wrote this song back when I was a solo acoustic performer before the band had even formed."

Other tracks by The Wildbloods:  Don't Be Shy
Leanne Tennant - The Pages Are Still White (Ben Ely Remix)     Electronic, Alternative Country 02/12/2016
Once a 16 year old busking on the streets of Brisbane, this classically-trained flautist and self-taught guitarist has since played a string of festivals, high-profile events and toured 4x times.
Remixed by Ben Ely of Regurgitator. ”The Pages Are Still White” is about me looking at the blank pages in front of myself wondering how I could possibly write about anything when there’s so much more important, devastating stuff going on in the world.”

Birdhouse - Sweet     Rock, Punk 18/11/2016
Blistering guitars, scorching drum fills, killer vocal duos, Birdhouse represent an explosive new approach to homegrown post punk/surf pop anthems that the tired Indie/Alt scene, Melbourne is desperately begging for.
“The song was written about trying to enjoy the simple pleasures of life while travelling, but having experiences coloured by depressing realities.”

Lisa Richards - You Got The Power     Folk, Funk, Soul 18/11/2016
Bare bones, Kick back, Irrepressible music for the Soul
Encompasses all that the album is about both musically and lyrically with her world-class musicianship and straight to the core phrases like “In your mouth you carry flowers, behind your back you hold a knife”.