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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Les Thomas - Feedom Fighters     Folk, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Country 18/02/2017
Les Thomas is a Melbourne singer-songwriter and activist in the tradition of people like Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie.
'Freedom Fighters' tells the epic and under-acknowledged story of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyhenner, two Tasmanian Aboriginal men, who became the first men hanged in Melbourne in the year 1842. Les Thomas commemorates and honours their eight-week long resistance campaign and sacrifice.

Sali Bracewell - Whale Song     Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Ambience, Atmospheric 18/02/2017
Sali Bracewell is a classically trained pianist and songstress from Wales. Now living in Australia, her unique and haunting vibrato vocals and emotive piano playing captivate her audience.
'Whale Song' is an ode to the majestic humpback whales of Byron Bay. Dedicated to the remembrance of Byron's whaling history, it was written the day (Sali) heard whale song for the first time. Sparse and moody, piano and deep vibrato female vocals with haunting echoing backing vocals.

Other tracks by Sali Bracewell:  Cwch Bach Coch  -  Porcelain
Trent Williams - Annie     Folk, Pop, Roots 18/02/2017
Sydney based folk/pop artist similar to Vance Joy or Passenger. Debut release Stories From Our Times out early 2017
'Annie' is an upbeat track driven by strong guitar and kick drum (Mumford and Sons). Crafty lyrics tell the story of Annie and Dylan - 2 lovers torn apart. The EP title Stories From Our Times is taken from the track 'Annie'.

Other tracks by Trent Williams:  What Do You Call a Man  -  Future Song
SS.Sebastian - Nightmare of 1984     Folk, Electronic 17/02/2017
SS.Sebastian is the musical project of Brisbane-based singer/sound-maker and multi-instrumentalist, Brett Harris. Equal parts indie and electro-folk, his compositions have been described as gritty, minimal and melancholic.
Based around a repeating and mesmerising organ riff, Nightmare Of 1984 is a slow-building and eerie sounding anthem, a paean to anxiety and apathy, and asks as many questions as it answers before it explodes into a epicly joyous bridge held aloft by voices and drums.


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Jon Kane - South by South     Pop, Rock, Folk, Atmospheric 16/02/2017
'South by South' is the call home for anyone born south of the equator. 'Secrets & Lies' and 'Seven Seas' take you across this land and the waters surrounding us.
A tale of homecoming for anyone born south of the equator.
And when you travel, all roads lead you home. Upbeat, positive an anthem for the antipodes.

Other tracks by Jon Kane:  Secrets & Lies  -  Seven Seas
Tinpan Orange - Hear From Me     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country, Roots 14/02/2017
Tinpan Orange are one of Australia’s most loved brother-sister outfits. With ethereal and mesmerising Emily Lubitz at the helm, joined by her brother, guitarist Jesse and violin virtuoso Alex Burkoy.
'Hear From Me' is an upbeat call to a distant lover - a plea for just a little bit more time.


Other tracks by Tinpan Orange:  Cities of Gold  -  Rich Man
Lily Duval - Who Knows Where The Time Goes     Folk 13/02/2017
Lily Duval comes out the box for 2017 with two classic covers that have inspired her own song writing for many years.
Classic retro from Lily Duval, her own version of this timeless tune backed by a full band for the first time. The backing features drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars and Lily's distinct vocals.

Other tracks by Lily Duval:  Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Mount Saint Leonard - Lonely Love     Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues 11/02/2017
Mount Saint Leonard are a four piece indie-folk band based in Melbourne. The group have a nostalgic and authentic sound with an emphasis on strong, meaningful lyrics.
Recorded live with no overdubs, 'Lonely Love' begins with Kathleen's vocals, leading a mix of somnolent guitar and dramatic stops. This teamed with the lyrical air of solace and Kathleen's ever emotive vocals creates a ballad reminiscent of a traditional folk track fuelled by heartbreak.

Formidable Vegetable Sound System - Dad's Dunny     Folk, Ska, Comedy, Punk 10/02/2017
WA's Formidable Vegetable Sound System has become notorious across the globe for their dynamic live performances promoting sustainability and the joys of gardening through ukulele, horns and glitchy electroswing beats.
Remember the good old Aussie back-yard dunny? Well, in this age of water scarcity and sustainable innovation, it's making a comeback! For the first time this year, Formidable Vegetable Sound System bring us their Number-Two hit song about a long-drop with a difference.


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Jeremiah Johnson - Cracks In The Concrete     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 10/02/2017
Australian regional Touring artist, support act for Harry Manx, Gomez, Donavan Frankenreiter, Angus and Julia Stone, Niel Murray, Hat Fitz & Cara, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), The Basic's.
A Woman leaves the city and finds herself by a campfire under a mountain. The lyric "humming of the axis" refers to the Earth & is the title of the album. Whilst the album is folk and traditional blues influenced this song resolved with a Steve Kilbey feel about it.


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Other tracks by Jeremiah Johnson:  Stagger Lee (Traditional)  -  Baby Don't Lie
Alex Elbery and The Strangers - So Far So Good     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 09/02/2017
Alex Elbery and The Strangers are a Melbourne based outfit centred around enigmatic songwriter Alex Elbery. Think Bruce Springsteen meets the Muppets or ‘Outback Prince.’
A folk song at it’s core, 'So Far So Good’s more tender moments evoke a melancholic comedy of lost love, time passed and perspective gained; while moving you towards a carefree crescendo of reckless abandon that gently plateaus into a sweet, vulnerable and honest closing verse.

Other tracks by Alex Elbery and The Strangers:  Talk Show Host  -  Kangaroo
Annaliese Rose - Wonder     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience 09/02/2017
With a unique acoustic indie folk vibe, and melancholic tones, Annaliese is sure to captivate her audiences with her own angelic style of sound.
'Wonder' is the debut single released from Annaliese Rose's 5 track EP For You, accurately capturing the overall dream-state of the EP. Displaying Annaliese's ability to capture a mood/thought within a four-minute song, this track also showcases her lyrical exploration of one's imagination.

Other tracks by Annaliese Rose:  Interlude  -  Shelves
Domini Forster - Then You Stop     Folk, Pop 09/02/2017
Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Domini Forster is fast-establishing herself as one of Melbourne’s brightest new voices in modern folk. Forster currently preparing to release her debut album Raven.
'Then You Stop' is surprisingly sanguine despite broaching darker themes. Angelic coos of backing vocals dip and sway above an acoustic guitar. Strings swell with orchestral drum rolls, driving the track as it opens into a joyful indie-pop outro.

Jordan Merrick - Untitled #1     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 09/02/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
The song is about humankind - its kindness and its ruthlessness. Whilst Jordan slowly finger picks away gracefully at the acoustic guitar, his vocals and lyrics entice a sense of aspiration to achieve and to be better despite the demons that can be found in anyone.

This Way North - Head Above Water     Rock, Folk, Pop, Roots 09/02/2017
Hailing from Melbourne, guitar and drums two-piece This Way North are Leisha Jungalwalla (Jungal) and Cat Leahy (Sal Kimber & the Rollin' Wheel, Miss Quincy, Lisa Miller).
'Head Above Water' is about society’s quest to try and live in the present within the constant crazy pace of the modern day world. The two’s vocals blend beautifully through the hypnotic lyrics and from this, evokes long summer days spent by the water having a break from the world.

Kyle Lionhart - Call Back Home     Folk, Soul, Acoustic 08/02/2017
Neo-folk and soul singer-songwriter, Kyle Lionhart, boasts one of the most incredible new voices in Australian music.
Produced by John Castle (Vance Joy, Washington, Cub Sport), 'Call Back Home' is a soaring indie-soul meets folk ballad about self-reflection. “It’s about avoiding that darker side of yourself, the side of ourselves that we consistently distract and sedate only for it to explode at the worst possible moments."

Scott Candlish - Two Feet     Folk, Roots, Country, Acoustic 07/02/2017
Scott Candlish is a Melbourne based singer songwriter now with a full band dynamic who crafts a blend of alt folk with rock and
The opening track of the EP Home Away From Home, focuses on how enriching and rewarding travel can be and the search for stability in a foreign environment.

Other tracks by Scott Candlish:  Monsters  -  Contact List
Sweet Whirl - Small Talk     Rock, Folk, Atmospheric 06/02/2017
Sweet Whirl is the solo vehicle for Esther Edquist (Superstar, Bedroom Suck), conjuring densely beautiful moods and storylines with just bass and vocals - on Melbourne label Nice Music.
A moody drift through late night dalliances and tribulations.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Sweet Whirl:  Work Again  -  Buffalo Int.
Sweet Whirl - Work Again     Rock, Atmospheric, Folk 06/02/2017
Sweet Whirl is the solo vehicle for Esther Edquist (Superstar, Bedroom Suck), conjuring densely beautiful moods and storylines with just bass and vocals - on Melbourne label Nice Music.
A paean to a rudderless employment schedule.

Other tracks by Sweet Whirl:  Small Talk  -  Buffalo Int.
Brain Drain - (Great) Expectations     Rock, Folk 06/02/2017
Brain Drain is the solo guitar-based project of Brisbane artist Adam McFillin. Brain Drain's vocal led melancholic musings maintain a commitment to simplicity, unflinching honestly, and unapologetic flaws-and-all presentation.
A slacker jam about recovery; about not getting what you wished but getting much more than you bargained for.

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Other tracks by Brain Drain:  Hands Tied  -  Norwood's Disease