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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Black Mountain String Band - Time Traveller     Folk, Country, Roots, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
The Black Mountain String Band is a fantastic celebration of old time string band music: where three fiddles and voices harmonise with infectious rhythms of banjo, guitar and double bass.
Time Traveller is an original song penned by Jacqueline Bradley and brought to life with fiddles, guitar and double bass. A light, folky song looking forward and looking back, wondering what has been and what could be !

Other tracks by Black Mountain String Band:  Rocky Mountain  -  Black Mountain Rag
Black Rabbit George - Pray     Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
Singer/songwriter Black Rabbit George (guitarist from Tijuana Cartel) has crafted a treasure trove of folk gems, weaving the guitars delicate complexity with his deeply felt lyrics and warm vocal tones.
‘Pray’ is warm and reflective and beckons the listener to follow in a manner that borders on sensuous. It’s about the choices we face in life, the dilemmas presented by those forks in the road, and the repercussions we foresee. Which way should we turn? And where will it lead?

Other tracks by Black Rabbit George:  Karma in the Crowhouse  -  Looks Like We're Not Coming Down Again
Casey Marie - Demons     Folk, Blues, Roots 24/03/2017
Casey Marie has come a long way over the past few years to developing her songwriting enough to work with Aria Nominated producer Anthony Lycenko (Pete-Murray, Busby-Marou, The Beautiful Girls)
Casey Marie is back after the release of her secondEP with a re-recorded version of her earnest single "Demons". "For the past two years I've battled with anxiety and depression, sometimes to the point where I've been unable to work or perform. This song was one of my coping mechanisms."

Shag Rock - Time Wasted     Folk, Pop, Blues, Roots 24/03/2017
After having an amazing end to 2016 when their single "Sunbleached Girl" picked up over 250K Spotify streams, the four-piece then went on to release their acclaimed sophomore album “Barefoot”
“So many people I’ve met say that their drug habits are just things they do because their friends do it; and a lot of the time they go on to try and justify it as though it’s something they won’t keep doing.”

The Scrims - Show Me Your Moves     Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Jazz 24/03/2017
Authentic, rootsy, bluegrass and swing. Real tasty. Previously "The Scrimshaw Four", The Scrims are a high energy, Folk/Bluegrass band from Melbourne.
"Show Me Your Moves" is the rollickin' new single off The Scrims upcoming album "Sing To Me Sweet Sunny One". The song is a joyous dance classic, combining old style Jazz standard arrangement with a fresh new energy, challenging the listener to show off their best moves on the dancefloor.

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The Tommyhawks - Bedroom     Rock, Pop, Folk 24/03/2017
Fierce femme-fatale foursome, The Tommyhawks, explode with quirky, indi-punkin’ songs and a penchant for sharing toothbrushes and tinnies.
‘Bedroom’ is the first single from The Tommyhawks forthcoming This Is Not A Desert Island EP. The track explores the vulnerability of the mind. It is about finding the place between childhood and adulthood that certain things might have broken, and other things have healed.

Forever Son - Crumb Kitchen     Folk, Acoustic, Psychedelic, Roots 21/03/2017
Forever Son is the project of Melbourne based singer-songwriter Jack Robbins. Drawing inspiration from CSNY, Daniel Rossen and Fleet Foxes, Forever Son’s sound is raw and free flowing.
Crumb Kitchen is a song written to protest against the fear mongering and propaganda spreading through today's media. Its asking us to reflect on whats important and get back to the roots of our existence. Its full of harmonies, sparse guitar parts and a gravely strolling and rolling percussion.

Jason Ayres - Got My Heart     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 21/03/2017
Jason Ayres is a WA based alternative country artist who delivers soulful and lyrically rich songs, with a folk and Americana twist.
A song about knowing you're better than the man she's with. Featuring silky ukulele and slide guitars surrounded by gorgeous country harmonies.

Other tracks by Jason Ayres:  Note You Wrote  -  Baby Baby
Matt Hsu - Every Step Is A Horizon (featuring Tenzin Choegyal)     World, Acoustic, Folk, Ethnic 21/03/2017
Matt Hsu (mat-shoo) is a one-person experimental orchestra and founding member of The Mouldy Lovers. A multi-instrumentalist sculpting songs that are kooky, ethnic, intimate and playful... with no electronic shortcuts.
Renown Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal meets gypsy-punk multi-instrumentalist Matt Hsu at a ramen shop in Brisbane and decide to write a piece together - exploring themes of finding 'home' as a refugee.

Also featuring Andre Bonetti (Greshka / Valtozash) on cimbalom and Hannah Ryder on mandolin and vocals.

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Other tracks by Matt Hsu:  Tap Water (featuring Kenta Hayashi)
Miles Recommends - Crazy House     Rock, Folk, Retro 21/03/2017
Miles Recommends delivers a collision of New Wave chamber pop, retro rock and roots origins as a backdrop to their vocal dissection of social norms.
When social norms are so bizarre and institutionalised power so corrupt - the only option left is to be CRAZY! Sit back and enjoy this barnstormer of a song which waltzes through the dizzying highs and lows of social contemplation.

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Other tracks by Miles Recommends:  Burn Through  -  Mad V*g Blues
Tommy Castles - Liquorice Root     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Ambience 21/03/2017
Tommy Castles is a Surf Roots musician who after playing Falls Festival, has gone on to tour extensively across Australia for the launch of his E.P ‘Into My Thoughts’.
This song is about overcoming writers block after a 3 month hiatus.

Gus & Jim - Boyhood     Folk, Pop 20/03/2017
Gus & Jim are a Canberra-based indie duo who have been causing mischief in the area for the last 10 years. They also sometimes play music together.
Boyhood is a song that explores events that occurred between 2009-2012. It chronicles a young Jim and the struggles that he dealt with as a result of being the most handsome devil in the ACT. The song and these events found their conclusion in his transition from boyhood to manhood.

Justin Bernasconi - Careless Shells     Folk, Blues, Acoustic, African 19/03/2017
Justin Bernasconi is a rarity among guitarists and songwriters. Straddling styles and sounds from the blues, bluegrass, folk, his highly original tunes are infused with exciting and soulful guitar playing.
Careless Shells infuses Afro and modern folk influences with delta blues slide guitar. Bernasconi sings of a husband trying to keep his depression from overshadowing a major event in his marriage.

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Other tracks by Justin Bernasconi:  Zeeha's Party Picnic  -  Barefoot Wonderland
Elbury - Past Life Memories     Folk, Rock 18/03/2017
Long-time fringe-dwellers on the Brisbane scene, lurking in the corners of craft markets, spinning stories into songs. Shifting from traditional acoustic folk to darker alt-folk-rock sounds, including progressive, ambient elements.
Past Life Memories, layers rich three-part harmonies over ambient guitars, building to a rolling folk-rock chorus. The song imagines a chance encounter with an old school-friend. "Hey, how are you these days?". The questions that inevitably arise, and the possibility of ducking down a laneway to avoid the situation altogether.

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Ainsley Farrell - Lady Long Hair     Folk, Roots, Chill, Acoustic 17/03/2017
Folk singer-songwriter with a hint of dark, indie rock vibe.
Lady Long Hair is about a creepy, mysterious lady from Ainsley's dreams. Lady Long Hair is a dark figure, who seems like she has something to hide. In her dreams, Ainsley is following and trying to uncover her mysterious ways.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Thomas Oliver - Losin     Blues/Roots, Soul, Pop 17/03/2017
Thomas Oliver is an Australian born singer-songwriter, internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading Weissenborn lap-steel guitar players, Thomas will release new album 'Floating In The Darkness' April 28.
Losin’ is a lonely song about feeling someone you love slip away, blanketed with a decent spread of soul-pop falsetto harmonies and a peppering of brass to create a simple yet undeniably evocative number that grabs you by the heartstrings and tugs lightly.

Jeff Gibson - Its Good To Know     Country, Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 14/03/2017
Cool country rockin' soul songs. Shearer & musician Jeff "Gibbo" Gibson tells his tales of life from the back roads and towns of western Victoria.
A heart-felt country soul song about lost love and bitterness. This song won the 'Best Song' Category at the Australian Roots Music Award 2016.

Other tracks by Jeff Gibson:  Mrs Murphy  -  He's Got You
Marguerite Montes - All The Time In The World     Jazz, World, Country 14/03/2017
Marguerite's songs will spirit you away to warm and beautiful places as the sun after a long cold winter... Peter Urquhart’s passionate and sublime violin is the prefect accompaniment.
All the time in the world is a beautiful song which took shape in the studio. It was improvised on the spot in the recording session. What you hear is what happened in the moment.

Other tracks by Marguerite Montes:  Navegar  -  Big Beautiful smile
Matt Ortiz - South     Folk, Acoustic, Soul 14/03/2017
A Melbourne / Albury based singer-songwriter with a repertoire of soulful, alternative folk / acoustic songs. Matt Ortiz will stir you with his storytelling lyrics and honest, enticingly raw emotion.
A tragic song about lost innocence. Focuses on the sorts of horrible things that people can do to children. Looks to spread awareness, not to promote or encourage the behaviour. An awfully sad story loosely based on famous child abduction cases. Also about families finding peace and moving forward.

Other tracks by Matt Ortiz:  Wooden Old Friend  -  Hangman's Noose
Outskert - Granola     Folk, Experimental, Live Performance, Instrumental 14/03/2017
Consecutive live binaural audio recording of improvised sounds. The process involves guitar + synth into effects pedals, manipulating them as they get spat out and playing over the top
This track has an additional layer of Mandolin, played unconventionally to complement the original track. Mixing heavily effected sounds with a raw instrument and natural reverb - the overall sound is full of tasty textures and interesting melodic ideas.