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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack! Here you’ll find tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including: 2FBi & 2SER (NSW), 3PBS & 3RRR (VIC), 4ZZZ (QLD), Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA), 6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).


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Batpiss - Weatherboard Man     Rock, Garage, Punk 25/02/2017
Melbourne dirge-rock champions BATPISS are shoving the social and political dimensions back into Australian rock music with confronting new song ‘Weatherboard Man’. They’ll be testing it out on the road soon.
'Weatherboard Man’ is one intense and powerful song. It sees the trio channel a new and arresting style that owes a significant debt to the intensity of fellow bastions of Australian grot-rock. Produced and mixed by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones, within you'll find grit, regret and ire, a vital, unhinged guitar-driven narrative...

Smoking Martha - What's Her Name     Rock, Punk 25/02/2017
Like the smoldering heat from a well-tended fire, the rock-punk outfit known as Smoking Martha has the intensity to scorch your best shirt but the discretion to spare your eyebrows.
“What's her name? Gives the listener the feeling of the controlled chaos in the obsessor's mind- whether it's the ‘if you knew me you would love me’ celebrity stalker or the imagined cheating of a lover who they have never actually met! Obsession is a dark and wild ride!”

Angie - A Ring     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 24/02/2017
One of Sydney's most exciting musicians, whose guises include Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune and Straight Arrows, Angie is back with her 3rd solo LP titled ‘Shyness’.
Moody and introspective, 'A Ring' strikes a different tone to Angie’s previous work. Where Free Agent was a fuzzy, lo-fi, electric guitar driven affair, ‘A Ring’ is a warm, enveloping and highly emotive acoustic number.

Evol Walks - Tear it Down     Rock, Metal 24/02/2017
Hard, heavy hitting rock and roll fronted by fiery redhead Leah Martin-Brown.
'Tear it Down' was penned out of frustration towards the current, International political climate. The track features frenetic guitar riffs and biting lyrics making it the perfect piece of protest music for the new generation.

Rackett - Ready or Not!     Rock, Pop, Experimental, Punk 24/02/2017
RACKETT are Bec, Jessamyn and Ally. They live together in a derelict mansion, spending most nights each week making loud and experimental pop rock in a room under the house.
Front-woman Bec explains, “There’s a voice within that lures us to break rules. It's the voice inside our heads that whispers 'it's my way!’ The song is a 'f*** you' to the headmaster telling us what we can and can't do... Let's be naughty! Ready or not, here we come!”

Mild Manic - Hold On     Pop, Punk, Rock 22/02/2017
Made up of brothers Sam and Chris Rees, Dave Boyes and anchorman Jye Flynn, each bring their own influence combining to make every Mild Manic song an epic, contagious anthem.
Having released the first single 'Little Larger' back in December 2016, the band are launching Line and Length with the second single 'Hold On'. It’s a pounding, whirling, blistering track about dealing with anxiety and blowing off the pressures of life by looking for the good in the world.

The Treehouse Children - Please     Rock, Garage, Pop 21/02/2017
The Treehouse Children bring you breezy calypso beats, jangly guitar, and catchy riffs, with choruses that will check into your mind hotel and crash there for a month rent-free.
Bringing their patent Treehouse Children energy, especially through the chorus. This hook-laden track bounces through the verse into a perfectly crafted sing-a-long chorus.

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Other tracks by The Treehouse Children:  Woo  -  You Wouldn't Know
Toby Martin - Lim’s Song     Folk, World, Rock 21/02/2017
Singer-songwriter Toby Martin spent ten years as the lead singer of alternative rock band Youth Group before beginning his solo career. He returns with his second solo album.
Inspired by the suburban surrounds of Sydney’s South Western suburb of Bankstown, ‘Lim’s Song’ captures beautifully what is at the heart of Song’s From Northam Avenue – music inspired by the world, but not world music.

Other tracks by Toby Martin:  Spring Feeling
Coro Fire - AMD Cramp     Rock, Grunge 20/02/2017
Coro Fire is a two-piece indie/pop/grunge/rock band from Perth, Australia. The band consists of long-time friends Nick Cook on guitar/lead vocals and Adam Scott on drums.
'AMD Cramp' is one of the bands heavier/darker songs, which obviously matches the topic of the song. It has a driving guitar riff that kicks it off and a memorable. It’s an emotion-packed song with a lot of energy thrown into it.

Beloved Elk - Distractions     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Garage 18/02/2017
Amy Wright and Tina Nguyen are Beloved Elk – a force of emotive post rock born out of a passion for sonic experimentation and performing.
‘Distractions’ is the first single released, an appropriate taster of the album given how the track perfectly encapsulates the emotion in the recordings. Nguyen’s drumming has become a key talking point for the band and on this particular track, it heightens the song’s vulnerability.

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Other tracks by Beloved Elk:  Cold  -  At The Gates
Tim Hulsman - Lap Dog     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots, Country 18/02/2017
Folk blues influenced songwriting with rock’n’roll attitude. Tim Hulsman is a superb performer of intense, heartfelt songs and passionate playing from an emerging talent on the Australian roots/blues/folk/country music landscape.
An infectiously, captivating song from Tim Hulsman's forthcoming new album Get Loved! This song is a live favourite and a superb example of Hulsman's mastery of folk blues influenced songwriting with a rock'n'roll attitude. Will appeal to fans of Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Lang and Paul Kelly.

Dappled Cities - Stone Men     Rock, Pop 17/02/2017
Sydney-based indie-rock statesmen, Dappled Cities, have unveiled new single ‘Stone Men’, tour dates and announced the release date for their forthcoming and fifth studio album titled ‘Five’ (stylised as |||||).
The second single lifted from ‘Five’, ‘Stone Men’ carries consistently with smooth and sultry grooves, floating effortlessly with ample space allowing the song to breathe. Lush harmony-laden vocal arrangements and beautifully crafted organic instrumentation; which is largely driven by warm textured synths and strong rhythmic bass and drums.

Hedge Fund - Hot & Lonely     Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic 17/02/2017
Hedge Fund are a 5-piece band from Bondi Beach. Musically they walk the line between dreamy prog-pop and muscular post-rock grooves - think The Cure, Talking Heads, and New Order.
“Hot & Lonely is a song about love and emptiness. When you live the way Katie and I do, you’re constantly trying to understanding how to manage your love, jealousy, sexual energy and loneliness. Ultimately, it’s a song about true love.” – William Colvin

The Clouds - Float On Air     Rock, Pop 17/02/2017
The Clouds were among the leading lights of the Australian indie scene in the early to mid-nineties, fronted by the dual vocals of Jodi Phillis and Patricia Young.
Float On Air was inspired by a short story I wrote about a young woman who attends a mysterious ball where the dance floor is a checkerboard lawn, the orchestra is always just out of sight and her dance partner is invisible. It’s an urban fairytale with a twist.

Other tracks by The Clouds:  House Of The Sun
The Delta Riggs - June Gloom     Rock, Electronic, Atmospheric, Soul 16/02/2017
The Delta Riggs are back with new single “June Gloom” from third album Active Galactic. "June Gloom" still captures the bands unique psychedelic energy that is most definitely their own.
June Gloom is the third track from Sydney band The Delta Riggs.

Lonely Boys - The Hunter (Dazastah Remix)     Indigenous, Rock, Reggae 16/02/2017
They are a 6 piece guitar inspired rock band from the Arnhemland community Ngukurr- 700km south-east of Darwin. They debuted their career at Groove In The Moo 10 yrs ago.
The original version of ‘The Hunter’ was first introduced at the Barunga Festival in 2014 and features on Triple J’s unearthed. This single is remixed by Dazastah (Drapht's main DJ).
Produced by Forrester Saville (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus) and James Mangohig.

Other tracks by Lonely Boys:  The Hunter
RAAVE TAPES - 2 U xoxo     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/02/2017
Indie-punk rock trio and Newcastle’s favourite sons, RAAVE TAPES, have just revealed their new single ‘2 U xoxo’ and East Coast tour dates.
The unapologetic garage grit of ‘2 U xoxo’ is a raw and infectious party thrasher, taking cues from some of the groups staple influences, Death From Above 1979, Crystal Castles and The Mess Hall.

Royal and The Southern Echo - New Lows     Rock, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/02/2017
Royal and The Southern Echo is the new project of Brisbane singer/songwriter Bryce Schneider.
‘New Lows’ is an expansive but intimate musing on depression, the peaks and troughs that we sometimes face, and those moments of laughter that sometimes puncture our darkest days.

The Smith Street Band - Birthdays     Rock, Punk 16/02/2017
The Smith Street Band have announced their fourth album, More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me will drop on 7 April via their own label Pool House Records
A song about a chance meeting on a pier in Hobart, ‘Birthdays’ opens with lead singer Wil Wagner’s familiar tug at the heartstrings. Painting the style of detailed narrative that we have come to expect of Wagner’s lyrics. Birthday’s features guest vocals of former Smith Street tour buddy Jess Locke.

CREO - Behind The Beat     Rock, Pop, Britpop 16/02/2017
CREO are a four-piece, indie band from Sydney who mix delicately textured guitar sound scapes with an unabashed rock and roll rhythm section.
“This song is very autobiographical in nature and chronologically recounts mine and the band’s journey. It's an insight to how we look back on the fuck ups, the wins, and empathises with nostalgia. That's what ‘Behind the Beat’ is about, reflection, reminiscence and continuing doing what you love to do.”

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