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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack! Here you’ll find tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including: 2FBi & 2SER (NSW), 3PBS & 3RRR (VIC), 4ZZZ (QLD), Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA), 6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).


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Mary Handsome - Mirrors & Sounds     Rock, Garage 24/10/2016
Mary Handsome are an eclectic 4 piece hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Blending twangy guitar riffs with punchy bass lines and vocals.
‘Mirrors & Sounds’ is a track that has a slight sarcastic sentiment. Lyrically, the track sees a person talking to their friend/partner regarding their partying habits. Musically, the song is an upbeat, fuzzed out, guitar driven piece.

The Montreals - Indigo Club     Rock, Garage 24/10/2016
A South Australian Indie-rock outfit, splicing subtle jazz and Brit-rock influences over catchy guitar work and melodic vocals.
Lyrically, ‘Indigo Club’ was triggered by a professedly drunken night in a swanky bar; I was swiftly kicked out and hit the sidewalk for some quality me time. The Indigo Club EP upon our fumbling early twenties; wrestling with the glamorous and ill-sighted aspects of youth and regret.

Battlehounds - Good Man     Rock, Grunge, Garage 21/10/2016
Battlehounds like to keep things simple. Guitar, bass, drums and a heavy dose of gravel soaked vocals. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but they do it so bloody well.
Battlehounds first offering since emerging after 12 months of hibernation, Good Man is a three and a half minute rock n roll rollercoaster that’s heading straight over the edge, keeping your knuckles white all the way till the end.

Big Smoke - Wrong     Rock, Alternative Country 21/10/2016
Big Smoke share their second single 'Wrong', taken from the upcoming debut album 'Time Is Golden' available for pre-order now, out October 28th via Barely Dressed / Remote Control.
'Wrong' is a tune that, as a band, they spent ages trying to get right. They had big dreams for it on the record, to bring it out of the realm of standard pop-rock and get to its emotional depth.

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Bilby - Stingray     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Chill 21/10/2016
Bilby aka Blinky Trill has been writing songs since the summer of 2013. Since then he has become the emo-rap prince of Sydney.
'Stingray' from Bilby's 'Botanicals' mixtape is a hip hop anthem of feeling lost in Australia in 2016. The track takes cues from Atlanta and New York's new weird rap movement but also from early 00s emo, punk and indie rock. Somewhere between Das Racist and the Microphones. Catchy AF too.

Other tracks by Bilby:  Interst8 M8s  -  Well Regarded
Bloma - Killa     Electronic, Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 21/10/2016
Dreamy, heavy amd trippy electronica.
Epic evil boss battle transcends to ecstasy.

Other tracks by Bloma:  Sway Haze  -  Dungeon Hacker
Fell At Ten - The Man Who Rescued A Bear From Drowning     Metal/Punk, Rock, Grunge 21/10/2016
A high energy, three piece, alternative rock band, Fell At Ten are one of Adelaide’s best live acts and are known for soaring harmonies and thumping beats.
In 2008, a bear in a residential area got shot with a tranquilliser, ran to the ocean to swim away but started to drown. This track was inspired by the man who saved that bear. He is the manliest man to ever live. The song and film clip wrote itself.

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Other tracks by Fell At Ten:  The River  -  Coffee Stains (Acoustic)
Glitoris - Paradise     Rock, Punk 21/10/2016
Conceived as a single-gig protest band, the courageous women from Glitoris and their potent blend of energetic punk-pop have since been proclaimed ..”a powerhouse of feminist magnificence”.
A catchy and energetic radio nugget, Paradise is 1 minute and 45 seconds of Glitoris gold. Punchy drums, crunchy guitars, and the shout-singing so typical of the band, Paradise is the energising track you play when you want to get fired up and release the rage.

Other tracks by Glitoris:  Off With Their Heads  -  Pole
Lecia Louise - Individual     Rock, Pop, Blues, Roots 21/10/2016
Unlike your usual singer songwriter, Lecia demands attention with her soaring, bluesin’ rockin’ guitar riffs and licks. A guitar virtuoso and diverse songwriter, Lecia's been 'wowing' audiences internationally and nationally.
Lecia wrote this song fun rockin' song in high school and has always kept that idea of being an Individual. This song is about being yourself entirely, not caring what people think of you and rocking while doing it! ;-)

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Other tracks by Lecia Louise:  Holding Out
Odlaw - Chumps     Rock, Punk 21/10/2016
Odlaw are a indie rock 5-piece out of Perth Western Australia. Mark Neal is the songwriter, he's been around a bit, nice guy, songs are interesting... sometimes.
Chumps was written after the 2015 WAM Festival and conference and we are launching at the 2016 conference. It's about a person in the music industry who is really annoying.

The Barren Spinsters - Heart's Just Not In This Anymore     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 21/10/2016
Australian Roots Rock Power Duo from Canberra.
"Soul's been battered and washed ashore, heart's just not in this anymore."


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The Keepaways - Reliance     Electronic, Rock, Experimental, Punk 21/10/2016
Trip punk based out of Brisbane. A mixture of electronic synth based noise, live drums and vocals.
A driving track based around minimal vocals, thundering drums and an epic chorus that breathes freedom and space.

Other tracks by The Keepaways:  The Voight Glitch  -  Eastwood
Kishore Minifie Ryan - I Struggle     Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Rock, Experimental 19/10/2016
Kishore Minifie Ryan has played drums with Kid Sam and Mick Turner (Dirty Three). His debut solo release includes songs for voice, harmonium, drumkit and cello.“…incredibly inventive.” - Eucalypt
The lyrics from this song are taken from an interview with musician Samaan Fieck. The melody was composed using a process of converting the lyrics, letter by letter, into pitch material. The song and interview appear in a short documentary film titled ‘Children’, which Kishore made in Taiwan in 2014.

Other tracks by Kishore Minifie Ryan:  It Was Raining  -  Children
The Ruiins - Open Up Your Soul     Rock, Pop, Blues 18/10/2016
The Ruiins are a collaboration of raw blues and vintage rock enriched by powerful vocals and a touch of character bringing life to each song.
Open Up Your Soul continues The Ruiins raw upbeat combination of blues and indie tunes. The verse carries you along with an edgy lyric and guitar riff arrangement. Flowing through a soulful pre-chorus that does not warn you of what's to come. The chorus hits hard entwining a catchy melody.

Bleach Girls - Like You     Rock, Pop, Punk 15/10/2016
Bleach Girls are a beach punk, garage rock band from Byron Bay. Formed in late 2015 by Fi Fi Bleach and Mickey Bleach as a two piece.
Recorded at Blind Boy Studios, Gold Coast, ‘Like You’ takes cues from the group’s staple influences Best Coast, Alvvays and Fidlar. The track melds bratty surf-rock with angsty lo-fi punk; yet still managing to retain well refined pop-sensibilities, sure to ensue many rowdy late night sing-a-longs.

Chelsea Rockwells - Stone     Rock, Punk 15/10/2016
Chelsea Rockwells locked themselves away for months of intensive song-writing before bursting onto the scene with their explosive live show and impressive, unique take on heavy rock.
"The song was inspired by what we have noticed is happening in the world at the moment – a lot of selfish corruption but also a lot of positive change, inspirational events and potential.”

Elko Fields - Never Slow Down     Rock, Garage, Punk 15/10/2016
Elko Fields debuted in 2015 with a series of live demos and videos recorded in their garage and quickly gained notoriety amongst listeners for their honest songwriting and unapologetic production.
It has a kind of ethereal quality, and we often found ourselves humming it like a chant. This idea led us to the theme of the song… a mantra for the modern world where the complexity is always increasing and the speed is always gaining.

Smoking Martha - Say You're Mine     Rock, Punk 15/10/2016
Like the smoldering heat from a well-tended fire, the eclectic rock punk outfit Smoking Martha has the intensity to scorch your best shirt but the discretion to spare eyebrows.
“Say You're Mine is a passionate cry for commitment. It's a "now or never, I won't wait forever" plea. It deals with the emotions and grief of being held at arm's length from truly connecting with someone.”


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Suburban Haze - Keepsake     Rock, Punk 15/10/2016
Initially a side-project to Newcastle-punk-band Tired Minds, Suburban Haze envisaged a more nuanced style that would draw heavily on post-punk sounds and be weighted by singer Paul Pickles’ baritone vocals.
Newcastle post-punk genre-hoppers, Suburban Haze have today released their two track digital EP “Silent, Go Home” with lead single Keepsake. The song features a guest vocal spot from Novocastrian singer-songwriter Rachel Maria Cox, and according to singer Paul Pickles, Keepsake is “an existential crisis packed into a neat little song”.


The Ramshackle Army - Foreign Soil     Rock, Punk, Folk 15/10/2016
The 6 piece Celtic punk band started in the Melbourne scene in June 2010, made the jump from the inner suburban pubs they call home, to the wider punk audience.
Shredding banjos, loud and furious. First single off the RSA's upcoming EP.