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Deathproof PR

Deathproof PR

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Davidson Brothers - Take A Little Drive     Country 24/03/2017
Two of Australia’s most well respected bluegrass musicians Lachlan and Hamish Davidson are fresh off being inducted into the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame with a brand new LP.
Take A Little Drive is an energetic slice of the kind of top quality, charming bluegrass that has gathered such praise and adoration for Davidson Brothers. This unforgettable earworm is the perfect hint of their forthcoming eighth LP…

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Allday - In Motion     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 21/03/2017
LA based Aussie rapper Allday is back in a big way, with a huge tour, heart-lifting new single 'In Motion' and forthcoming highly anticipated second LP 'Speeding'.
Featuring electro wunderkind Japanese Wallpaper, Allday's slow-burning, heart-rending new single builds and bursts in torrents of bouncy, energetic and self-reflective electro hip-hop. More irresistible Allday to soundtrack to the good times with...

Cash Savage - Run with the Dogs     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 14/03/2017
Acclaimed alt-country singer-songwriter and mesmerising performer Cash Savage returns with new single and biggest headline shows to date with incredible band The Last Drinks. Go on: Run With the Dogs.
Boasting ‘a Springsteen-like spring in the step’ (Beat Magazine), Run With The Dogs is a haunting, blues-riddled journey that builds and bursts with perfectly harnessed alt-country sounds...

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Batpiss - Weatherboard Man     Rock, Garage, Punk 25/02/2017
Melbourne dirge-rock champions BATPISS are shoving the social and political dimensions back into Australian rock music with confronting new song ‘Weatherboard Man’. They’ll be testing it out on the road soon.
'Weatherboard Man’ is one intense and powerful song. It sees the trio channel a new and arresting style that owes a significant debt to the intensity of fellow bastions of Australian grot-rock. Produced and mixed by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones, within you'll find grit, regret and ire, a vital, unhinged guitar-driven narrative...

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Moving Out     Rock, Garage, Grunge 15/02/2017
West Thebarton Brothel Party are Australia's most excellent, slightly slack true-blue rock septet. Led by charismatic leader, gravel-voiced frontman Reverend Ray, they're a fuzzy maelstrom of four-guitar, balls-out rock music, mate.
'Moving Out' is a charging coming-of-age ode to the peaks and pitfalls of sharehouse living. Marrying the explosive urgency of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and the ruthless growl of The Saints into something irresistible and distinct, it's been their smashing opening number since it was written. It never fails to get tinnies and voices raised.


Vices - Broken     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 10/02/2017
Righteous Sydney melodic hardcore quintet Vices are stoked to announce they'll release their anticipated third LP Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible via Resist Records on March 17.
Sonically and thematically crushing, Vices energetic new tune 'Broken' premiered via triple j's Short Fast Loud, and displays awesomely with the bands can-do, positive, powerful melodic hardcore punk.



The Pretty Littles - Helluva Tuesdi     Rock, Garage, Punk 25/01/2017
Melbourne's singalong garage rock rapscallions The Pretty Littles are back, and cheekier than ever on new single 'Pride'.
The Pretty Littles are back with another slow-burning slice of expertly anxious, party-time Australian garage-rock, following on from 2016's stellar 'Pride' and 'Sleeping in Water' singles.

Other tracks by The Pretty Littles:  Pride
Horror My Friend - DIYS     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic 14/01/2017
Hailed as “urgent and very now”, “oozing with melodies and aggression” and “frenetic, buzzing”, Adelaide alt-rock trio Horror My Friend are on the up and up. Effortlessly cool. Unselfconsciously dedicated.
'DIYS' commences with vast vocals that meander mesmerisingly along to syrupy bass tones and thumping snare cracks before careering headfirst into a crunching, hugely satisfying wall of sound. 'DIYS' is the disparate sound of a lazy 90’s summer dragged kicking and screaming into 2017. Irresistibly energetic and rewardingly turbulent.


Heads of Charm - Okay Yes Please     Rock 19/11/2016
Across Heads of Charm? If not, now's the time to hop aboard this searing Australian post-hardcore bandwagon. Their arresting, pared back alternative-rock is splashed across new tune ‘Ok Yes Please’.
Spartan and powerful, ‘Ok Yes Please’ is Vast. Anchored by boundless, vibrating basstones and resonant vocal lines, it'll haunt your summer nights. “I’m a user, a consumer” - a dire, pertinent refrain. Boasting shades of My Disco and The Drones, Heads of Charm capably carry the Australian underground rock flag.


The Peep Tempel - Totality     Rock, Garage 11/10/2016
More muscular excellence from the ever enticing grot-rock afficionados the mighty The Peep Tempel
Another gritty and grimy slab of grot-rock from Australia's acclaimed masters of unforgettable narrative guitar music, Totality is the slippery soundtrack to your 'Strayan summer debauchery. Hard hitting, thematically heavy excellence.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Safe Hands - The Great Affair     Rock, Punk 25/08/2016
Lauded Novacastrians Safe Hands will release their expansive sophomore LP on September 23. An exciting sonic departure; it is a dynamic, emotive and refined adaptation of Australian heavy music. Unmissable.
'The Great Affair' is a stirring meditation on parenthood, completed by a kicking, crunching, guitar-drenched chorus. Perfectly powerful. A haunting piece that evokes suburban landscapes and long, quiet nights. Australian heavy music at it's most interesting and challenging.

The Peep Tempel - Rayguns     Rock, Garage, Punk 19/08/2016
Acclaimed Melbourne trio (who gave us gloriously unsettling single 'Carol') return with long-awaited new longplayer 'Joy', out October 14 via Wing Sing. Get ready for more greasy, grotty rock adventures.
On grot-rocky ‘Rayguns’, The Peep Tempel utilise pace, screaming guitars and pointed lyrics to capture the mood of carnival and hysteria created by certain leaders and members of our community who stand to benefit from steering the disenfranchised and ill-informed down a path of intolerance, hate and fear.

Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC), Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

The Nation Blue - Erectile Dysfunction     Rock 11/08/2016
After seven years in the musical freezer, Melbourne's much adored, most powerful cult-rock stalwarts The Nation Blue have returned triumphant with two new long-players, out October 14 via Poison City.
Erectile Dysfunction is classic The Nation Blue; muscular, mesmerising, booming, loud, dark and simple. Driven by spot-on imposing percussion, sludge-riddled bass tones and relentlessly sinister guitars, Tom Lyngcoln's urgent vocal refrain 'what's wrong with you is wrong with me!' will have you searching your soul.

Will Backler, RTRFM, Perth (WA)
Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Clowns - Destroy The Evidence     Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Garage 10/08/2016
Buckle up, Melbourne's punk rock hedonists Clowns are back. The Poison City troublemakers proudly present their explosive new tune 'Destroy The Evidence'.
Destroy the Evidence evokes summer arvos spent skating in some dude's suburban backyard. It is jammed with Clowns' typical punk effervescence: clean riffage, sick solos, a thumper bassline and Stevie Williams' searing vocal refrain. Swift and satisfying, it is an explosive Cuervo shot of thrashy old school hardcore punk rock.

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The Pretty Littles - Sleeping In Water     Rock 13/07/2016
Melbourne’s cheeky rock rascals, The Pretty Littles have released the follow up to their much-loved slow burn anthem, Pride.
Sleeping In Water is another Pretty Little's signature gem, heartfelt and deeply unpretentious, it’s a brutally honest love song guised as lo-fi garage grunge. It's the 2nd single to be taken off the band’s forthcoming album and precedes a run of headlining tour dates in November!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Totally Unicorn - Space Congratulations     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 23/06/2016
Sydney's unimpeachable lords of 'what the f*ck' chaotic metalcore, the mighty Totally Unicorn are back!
Tense, powerful, conflicted and fitful, ‘Space Congratulations’ is a master class in Australian metal, capped off with a thrilling, fist-punching gang vocal refrain. A quick fillet of no nonsense, menacing riffage. Thrills and (beer) spills.

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: Hard Rock or Metal Live Act of the Year

Hoodlum Shouts - Twin Cities     Rock, Punk, Atmospheric, Grunge 04/05/2016
Hoodlum Shouts are stunning live act and innovative recorded unit. Their stark underground Australian rock sound sits neatly in the vein of Midnight Oil, The Drones and The Nation Blue.
Raw, maculate, bare-boned and dynamic, Twin Cities evokes late nights in quiet country towns. Sam Leyshon’s urgent, inarticulate vocal refrain is enhanced by tense staccato drums and steely, clean guitars. A charging specimen of intelligent Australian underground rock in the spirit of Midnight Oil, The Drones and The Nation Blue.

Totally Unicorn - Customer Service Station     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 31/03/2016
Sydney's hedonistic party monster metalcore rifflords have build an unassailable reputation as THE act to book when you want things to get real loud, real wild and real weird.
Customer Service Station is a big-balled visceral riff-fest ready to tear you a new one. Absolutely one of the most wall-to-wall thrilling tunes that is going to hit heavy radio this year. Party = on.

Fear Like Us - Red Ochre     Rock, Punk, Folk, Acoustic 30/03/2016
Much loved Poison City Records quintet Fear Like Us hail from Melbourne, delivering powerful, genre-crossing punk rock with a slight roots bent and an uplifting sense of social conscience.
'Red Ochre' places frontman Jamie Hay's signature sombre gravelly vocals front and centre. A powerful narrative driven by big beats, clean guitars and harmonised backing vocals from singer/songwriter Georgia Maq from Melbourne act Camp Cope. A moving song perfect for the Australian winter.

The Pretty Littles - Pride     Rock, Garage 16/03/2016
Melbourne's singalong garage rock rapscallions The Pretty Littles are back, and cheekier than ever on new single 'Pride'.
That’s it! The Pretty Littles have finally nailed the perfect singalong indie-pop ditty. ‘Pride’ is an anthem for anxious, no-filter twenty-somethings with a penchant for partying and overthinking everything. It dishes charm in fat, melodious spades, all tub thumping beats, jangly guitars, and frontman Jack Parson's irresistible ‘Strayan lilt.

Other tracks by The Pretty Littles:  Helluva Tuesdi