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A Breach Of Silence - Falling Away     Metal/Punk, Rock 17/02/2017
Award Winning, Australian Charting Act A Breach Of silence bring powerful music and messages to.
The Track reflects falling away from something because you have had enough. It means you want to make a stand and create solutions to problems. Also about corporate bodies and industries necessarily not telling you the truth but not telling you anything at all.


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Other tracks by A Breach Of Silence:  Broken  -  secrets
Daniel Turner - Broken     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 15/12/2016
Daniel Turner is a singer songwriter from The Central Coast. He has 5 #1 singles on reverberation, #7 iTunes pop chart with 'A Heart Without A Home'.
'Broken' was written by Daniel and his grandmother Denise.

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Other tracks by Daniel Turner:  A Heart Without A Home  -  Water Guns
Raindrop - Over Bored     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 05/11/2016
Raindrop have drifted through space in their own little universe and don't spend much time in reality. Sound like you? Maybe you'll relate to their Spaced-Out Beat-Boppin' sounds!
Over Bored goes through the notion of being stuck with something and doing almost anything possible to get the hell out. Sort of like if you were on a boat and just needed to jump off. That's the main feeling i tried to capture.

Sampology - Natural Selections     Electronic, Soul, World 06/10/2016
Natural Selections is the breathtakingly refreshing EP from producer, Sampology. A torchbearer for collaborative inspiration, Sampology’s passion for extracting emerging talent from the Brisbane’s Soul/Electronic scene shines with Natural Selections.
This track sounds like it’s got loads of samples in it, but everything except for the bird sounds Sampology recorded himself, even the drum kit sounds. The backbone of the track is a kalimba Sampology layered in with different interweaving polyrhythms.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Other tracks by Sampology:  Different Star (Ft. Laneous)  -  Thicker Than Water (ft. Tiana Khasi)
Knights of the Spatchcock - Sinbad     Rock, Metal, Goth 01/10/2016
The Knights of the Spatchcock are a Canberra based band dedicated to bringing aural pleasure to the masses!
The man against the sand of times,
The man which grants all wishes,
The man we all aspire to become,
The man of Spatchcock.

Shining Bird - I Can Run     Pop, Experimental, Easy Listening, Electronic 26/08/2016
Shining Bird are an experimental pop group from Austinmer on the NSW south coast of Australia. Their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Black Opal’, set for release October 7.
Superb new single from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Black Opal’, set for release October 7. “I Can Run” premiered on popular independent Spanish music blog Mondo Sonoro, and follows the release of acclaimed singles “Rivermouth” and “Helluva Lot”.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Clairy Browne - Vanity Fair     Pop, RnB 01/08/2016
Previously the leading lady of 'Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes', Clairanne "Clairy" Browne now presents as a fierce RnB/pop solo artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia.
Taking a cheeky look at the heightened narcissism of 2015, where fake booty and selfie-sticks rule the world, 'Vanity Fair' is a solid departure from Clairy Browne's former Rackette’s sound, presenting subversive and incredibly catchy pop.

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Other tracks by Clairy Browne:  F.U.B  -  Love Song To The World
Mike Noga - Nobody Leads Me To Flames     Rock 30/07/2016
Mike Noga is the former drummer of The Drones. He's fronted numerous outfits of his own and he has released two solo albums with a third on the way.
Nobody Leads Me To Flames is the final murderous scene and depicts the main character 'Jack' fleeing through the forest. He's completely lost his mind and is hearing "voices from above".

Other tracks by Mike Noga:  All My Friends Are Alcoholics
Dreller - A Signal That Comes Back     Pop, Electronic 20/07/2016
Dreller is an Australian-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist, animator and film-maker. 'A Signal That Comes Back' follows tracks 'One Night Stand' and 'Control', songs that have garnered critical acclaim and fans worldwide.
A Signal That Comes Back is an upbeat track with an infectious bass-line. The single was mixed by Geoff Swan (Haim, Chvrches, Coldplay, Ed Sheerhan) and mastered by Mandy Parnell (Bjork, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins)

PJ Orr - Find The Believers     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic 27/05/2016
Frontman of Sydney band Hailer comes PJ Orr's Foggy Notion: a visceral cocktail of shoegaze, folk and blues, underpinned by folk spirit and cathartic story telling quality.
A wide-eyed, shuffling benediction that's all take-me- back-and- lay-me- down-low sweet. A call out to the true believers! Underpinned by acoustic chug, wide open lyrics woven in sweet melody and thumped with a backbeat, it builds to a toe-tapping rocker equally at home on the highway or in the bedroom!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

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Other tracks by PJ Orr:  All Your Records  -  Mona Lisa
Q - Heat     Rock 17/02/2016
Q is different. She can't be explained. Just listen.
Heat is an energetic movement through loves shadows. It moves you to memories of new love, lust and doubt.

Bruce Thomas - Kaninyja ngapa jawarra mana     Indigenous 03/11/2015
Nyangumarta Language group Elder
Kaninyja ngapa jawarra mana (Ngangumarta language) translates in English to ‘The water sucks up into a cloud’.

Other tracks by Bruce Thomas:  Marrjimarrji mana puyuliliny  -  Partujayi
Greg Gardiner - Pinakarraji     Indigenous 03/11/2015
Nyangumarta Language group
Pinakarraji (Ngangumarta language) translates in English to ‘Listen to me’

Jane Taylor - Manyjarraja     Indigenous 03/11/2015
Nyamal Language group Elder
Manyjarraja (Nyamal language) translates in English to 'Lonely for my country'.

Other tracks by Jane Taylor:  Nganawanti pantiku wangkayapa
Michael Wonadon - Japartu japartu     Indigenous 03/11/2015
Singer songwriter Nyangumarta Language Group
Japartu japartu (Nyamal language) translates in English to 'My father, my father'.

Wayne Stevens - Wirradungudu     Indigenous 03/11/2015
Singer songwriter Gurrama Language Group
Wirradungudu (Gurrama language) translates in English to 'Sharing knowledge'.

Other tracks by Wayne Stevens:  Wiyara wirdanha wirra warli
Hau - The Could Life (Featuring Che Fu)     Hip Hop 17/10/2015
Hau Latukefu lives and breathes hip hop. Best known as the front man for ARIA award-winning duo, Koolism and as the voice of triple J's Hip Hop Program.
This song is dedicated to everyone who is trying to live with the potential of life being better than it has been and features the one and only NZ hip hop legend Che Fu.

Other tracks by Hau:  Kill.I.Am
My Disco - King Sound     Rock 24/09/2015
My Disco release their new album Severe on October 30. Severe pushes their subtle, intensely focused, minimalist sound to its most terrifying extreme. It is bleak, occasionally uncomfortable, and unpredictably profound. 
Second single off upcoming album 'Severe'

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Other tracks by My Disco:  1991
Chris Stockley - One Step Ahead Of The Rain     Blues/Roots, Rock, Country 06/08/2015
Legendary Australian Singer/Songwriter and guitarist launches his debut solo album. Named CD of the month in Rythms magazine July edition. Recorded in Melbourne and produced by James Black.
Singer/songwriter narrative style song . Medium tempo with a loping strong country rock beat.

Other tracks by Chris Stockley:  A Little Knowledge
Kerbside Collection - Feather Duster     Funk/Soul, Jazz 22/07/2015
‘A gritty rhythm section of old school drums and fender or upright bass, alongside funky hammond and rhodes, with some sweet George Benson-ish jazz guitar licks on top.’
Tight, happy, skippy, dusty jazz funk groove.


Other tracks by Kerbside Collection:  Bogangar  -  Rabbit Hole