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Beats Cartel

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Hobo Magic - The World Today     Rock, Psychedelic 23/11/2016
Hobo Magic deliver a unique brand of heavy psychedelic Rock'n'Roll kicking out fresh groove-laden jams spawned from the embers of the kings that riffed before them.
'The World Today' is a song that encapsulates everything that Hobo Magic stand for as a band both musically and lyrically, loading up a politically charged non-stop groove train that goes from the darkest of places to the grooviest of good times.

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Easily     Rock 30/09/2016
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate (TDS) are the manufacturers of some of Australia's finest foot-stompin' swamp and dirty Blues Rock.
"You get but just one chance, one shot to raise the roof... Some be flat on their back and some be howling at the moon." Easily is the 3rd single release off Transvaal Diamond Syndicate's 'The Shadow' EP. With hook-laden riffs and solid guitar work it's one of their best.

Hemingway - Soulfood     Reggae/Dub, Funk, Electronic 28/09/2016
Psych - Reggae - Dub thrown together with horns, tasty guitar licks, hip-hop styled lyrics, dirty bass lines and new eclectic electronic beats. Hemingway. A tasty feast for the soul.
The new single ‘Soulfood’ was first dished up earlier this year and recorded with friend, musician and producer Lyall Moloney. Mixing in drum samples and electronic beats for the first time, band leader Brad, describes the track to include ‘A heavy funk line infused with a hip hop vibe.”


The Hi-Boys - Trouble     Rock, Retro, Grunge, Rockabilly 29/06/2016
The Hi-Boys are a traditional raw Rock 'n' Roll band from the Sunshine Coast. Inspired by 50's surf rock.
Lead single 'Trouble' was recorded with American record label Wild Records in 2015. Written by the Rehbein Brothers, the song is about 'Wild nights out with mad cats and being lured into trouble by a seductive temptress'. Upbeat, booty shakin' grooving track.

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Thicker Than Water     Rock, Blues 12/04/2016
With an active fan-base and critical acclaim, TDS earn plays on stations like JJJ and continue to be one of the most requested acts on radio and the festival circuit.
Thicker Than Water, the 2nd single release from Transvaal Diamond Syndicate's new EP 'The Shadow' takes the listener on a cruise-Rock 'day-in-the-life' type journey of an Australian Rock band. The band utilises big riffs and plenty of hooks to bring forward one of their stand out tracks to date.

Other tracks by Transvaal Diamond Syndicate:  The River
Narla - Lie To You     Blues/Roots, Rock, Psychedelic 15/07/2015
Narla provide a depth of talent and feeling for such a young age. The Sydney University students explore aspects of Blues, Rock and Prog to create something unique and interesting.
Narla's newest release 'Lie To You' is a haunting Blues Rock ode to love and loss. Amazing depth of feeling for such a band so young. If you're a fan of The Blackwater Fever you're going to dig this track.

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The Dawn Chorus - Big World     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk 23/04/2015
Poetic lyrical content matched with a distinct musical mix along with the heart warming sincerity delivered from lead singer, Mitch Davis; The Dawn Chorus truly are a refreshing musical experience.
'Big World' was written by The Dawn Chorus with lyrics by Mitch Davis, produced and mastered by Pix Studios on The Sunshine Coast. Featuring melodic harmonies from Kyla Van Mason.

Kallidad - Death Fiesta     World, Folk 21/04/2015
Kallidad is a three piece fiesta party band from Sydney. From humble busking roots, the group has toured Australia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
The title track of Kallidad's latest release contains all the band's trademark sounds; tribal percussion, flamenco guitar, metal shred and bouncing riffs, all crushed together in a three and a half minute burst of energy that is utterly unique and sounds like no other band.


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Little Big Wolf - Blues Ain't Bad     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 21/04/2015
Little Big Wolf is an organic and honest Alternative Swamp Blues collaboration out of Sydney, Australia.
'Blues Ain't Bad' is straight up non-conformist Psychedelic Blues Rock, an ode to musics of a bygone era with a contemporary swamp Blues push. It takes inspiration from a need and desire to fight for everyone not played on commercial radio and calls to action those in the scene.


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Bonez - Lemonade     Rock, Funk 03/03/2015
Funked up, rocked up 5-piece from Sydney delivering hi-octane performances and tasty Rock cuts.
In a World where people carry more power in their pocket than some 3rd World nations it's all SEX, DRUGS and MOBILE PHONES. Bonez delivers a solid Funk-Rock track with a message in their latest release 'Lemonade'. Maybe we should talk about it?

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Olivia Ruth - Forever     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 25/10/2014
In high-heeled boots, armed with her guitar and stomp box, Sunshine Coast’s Olivia Ruth creates a sassy, raw vocal mix that leaves audiences stunned and asking… Who is Olivia Ruth?
'Forever' is the first single from Olivia Ruth's debut EP 'Aussie Lass'
The acoustic track features sassy and spiteful lyrical feast of a love gone wrong, matched with the soft and melodic harmonies that are blown into oblivion by Olivia's unique raw and powerful vocal range.


The Royal Artillery - Pony Ride     Blues/Roots, Rock, Grunge 11/10/2014
One of Australia's premiere Heavy Blues acts. May we present... The Royal Artillery. Touring nationally.
The Royal Artillery's track 'Pony Ride' lays a solid fuzzed out Blues groove over the top of lyrics of love, lust and loss. Hendrix meets Clutch.

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - So Sweet     Blues/Roots, Rock, Rockabilly 09/10/2014
With active fans and critical acclaim, BluesRock act Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have earned their plays on radio, continuing to be one of the most requested acts on the Festival circuit.
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate's 'So Sweet' is the 4th single release off the band's 2014 debut 'Estranged Blues', highlighting the bands upbeat and fun performance ability with sex-charged undertones.

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The Royal Artillery - ACDC#     Blues/Roots, Blues, Garage 14/08/2014
The Royal Artillery are a heavy rocking Blues band with well executed technique and style, bringing a big sound to the table with authentic blues guitar bolstered by heavy grooves.
'ACDC#' wastes no time setting up an infectious groove that may generate sudden impulses to pull hair, inexplicable scratch marks and/or lipstick on your collar. This is 4:20 of crunching riffage with an emphasis on fuzzy low-mid-frequencies. See if you can tell where the guitar ends and the bass begins!

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Mexico     Blues/Roots, Rock 24/06/2014
With active fans and critical acclaim, BluesRock act Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have earned their plays on radio, continuing to be one of the most requested acts on the Festival circuit.
Heading down to Mexico to get away from something is a common theme in the Blues. The beach, cold beer, hot senoritas, cheap llello. Or maybe Mexico is just a state of mind?

TDS' latest release 'Mexico' tells the tale of scorned lovers and drunken surprise.

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Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Lay You Down     Blues/Roots, Rock 29/04/2014
With active fans and critical acclaim, BluesRock act Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have earned their plays on radio, continuing to be one of the most requested acts on the Festival circuit.
'Lay You Down' is the 2nd single release from the album 'Estranged Blues'. The track twists and turns through Blues, Funk Rock and Hard Rock, making it one of the most varied pieces of work produced by the band.

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Rohan - Slave Us All     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Pop 18/12/2013
Rohan | Late nights, ringing ears, blood, sweat and rippin’ f@#!en music."...brutal but still highly melodic...the vocals are an equal for the power of Chris Cornell" ~ 4ZZZ 102.1FM
With a porch stomping drawl, Slave Us All says Live It Up! Live in the now. Play, take a deep breath. It's about stoking harmony, standing our ground with corporate agendas, "being the bigger person" and globally compassionate. Fiat currency having less and less control in our world over humanity.

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The Royal Artillery - Johnny Cash Invents the Blues     Blues/Roots, Rock, Garage 05/11/2013
The Royal Artillery play a heavy brand of blues, unabashedly blending the adventurous vibe of the late 60’s blues explosion with some serious 90’s riff and groove.
The Royal Artillery's new single "Johnny Cash Invents the Blues", a rollicking 12-bar party starter, epitomises the energy, technique and reckless abandon in which they approach their brand of music.

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Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Estranged Blues     Blues/Roots, Rock 26/10/2013
Brisbane-based act canvassing high-energy original blues rock across Australia since 2010. Hard-touring. Hard-playing. Sweat-inducing. Nationally touring festival band.
The song tells the story of a girl being fed moments of attention and love unmatched by the male's need to alienate himself from the situation and make a change in both of their lives.

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Rohan - Mega Machine     Rock, Garage, Blues 03/09/2013
Brissy Sludge Rock | Sub-Tropical Riff Mavens | "An incineratingly warm and quite unexpected surprise" ~ Chris Cobcroft 4ZZZ 102.1FM
Heavy Riffs with "the ballsiest blues on the EP and the vocals are an equal for the power of Chris
Cornell," ~ Chris Cobcroft 4ZZZ
It's a song about the Record Industry, and those within it who would encourage artists to set themselves on fire if it meant better sales.