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Bad Apples Music

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Birdz - Hunger Voodoo     Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, Indigenous 18/11/2016
"If my life as a starving artist had a soundtrack it'd sound like this, playing on loop as I hunt down my next meal.” – Birdz
Hunger Voodoo is a tale of a broke man, a new father, a hungry artist. Offering his audience a new perspective from his socially conscious melodic rhymes, Birdz keeps it close to home with this honest portrayal of working for the man while striving to be a full time artist.

Birdz - Black Lives Matter     Hip Hop, Soul 04/10/2016
N.T. raised rapper, Birdz has been hard at work solidifying his spot as one of the most exciting Hip Hop acts to come out of Australia.
The Bad Apples Music signee is making a statement; the epidemic of race related oppression choking his people never ceases. A 14-year-old boy murdered in Kalgoorlie, children gassed in detention, a 22-year-old woman died in custody, 120 communities unapologetically closed – for what? There is no reasonable answer.

Birdz - Rise     Hip Hop, Soul 20/07/2016
"Rise" by NT rapper Birdz
This anthem, produced by Joelistics featuring Jimblah, sees Birdz elevate to new heights as a formidable artist in the music scene. Reflecting on intergenerational knowledge and perspective changes that happen along the way, “Rise” is about finding the strength to take flight no matter what life throws at you.

A.B. Original - Dead In A Minute (featuring Caiti Baker)     Hip Hop 15/07/2016
Two of Australia’s most critically acclaimed hiphop artists, BRIGGS (Album of the Year at the NIMAs 2015) and TRIALS (ARIA Award winning producer), have announced a joint project A.B. ORIGINAL.
A tongue in cheek approach to the very serious issue regarding health and mortality / life expectancy rates of Aboriginal people in Australia – those being ten years less than non-Indigenous people.

2016 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE: Best New Artist, Best Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Artist


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Birdz - We Will Strive     Hip Hop 13/04/2016
N.T. raised rapper, Birdz has been hard at work solidifying his spot as one of the most anticipated up and coming artists in Australia’s Hip Hop scene.
On 'We Still Strive', Birdz samples his father talking to him about his life. Over emotive piano and strings.

Nooky - The Greatest (Feat. Jimblah)     Hip Hop 13/04/2016
Nooky burst into the Sydney Hip Hop scene in 2010, his technical rap style and thought provoking lyrics propelled him forward.
'The Greatest' is a seemingly endless stream of punctuated brain-sticking linguistics.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Philly - Vision In Rhymes     Hip Hop 13/04/2016
Philly began writing rhymes, dubbing beats & rapping in public and soon became a hip-hop sensation with a big following of kids in his hometown Mildura
'Vision in Rhymes' is an infectious fist-raised force.