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Audioary Records

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The Barren Spinsters - Heart's Just Not In This Anymore     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 21/10/2016
Australian Roots Rock Power Duo from Canberra.
"Soul's been battered and washed ashore, heart's just not in this anymore."

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The Barren Spinsters - Lost Cause Found     Blues/Roots, Country 17/12/2015
Edgy guitar riffs and relentlessly brutal drumming is woven amongst this low-end keybass to produce a sound so chunky you certainly won’t be sipping it through a straw.
Feel a bit lost and unfulfilled? Get back to where love comes out again to play.

Other tracks by The Barren Spinsters:  Would You Be My Slave  -  Bargain Bin
Jamal Salem - Al-Di Bailey     Electronic, Pop, Instrumental 13/11/2015
Home-made recordings of songs created over the summer of 2015. Written, performed, recorded by Jamal Salem.
An upbeat elctro/groove, perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Other tracks by Jamal Salem:  RMS John V3  -  Dominoes
The Barren Spinsters - One Minute     Rock, Blues, Roots 14/05/2015
The Barren Spinsters are a Canberra power duo that has been sticking it to traditional band conventions for the past four years. For a 2 peice they pack a punch.
Lust...whether you need it or whether you want it, it's not decided inside of a mind.

Other tracks by The Barren Spinsters:  Nightmares Of The City  -  Caught By The Man
The Barren Spinsters - Can't Get A Word In     Rock, Funk, Blues 20/05/2014
The Barren Spinsters are a Canberra rock, roots, and fusion two piece that sound like a three piece.
'Can't Get A Word In' is the first track from 'The Barren Spinsters' debut EP 'Counter Culture'.

Other tracks by The Barren Spinsters:  Lost Cause Found  -  Would You Be My Slave?
Pivotal Point - Ready     Funk/Soul 12/05/2014
Pivotal Point is a funky wall of sound and a fun time, wrapped up together in one very large package. Deep grooves, relentless chops, and high energy funk
'Ready' is the debut single for 'Pivotal Point' from the album 'It Doesn't Look Good On Paper'. Ready is a high energy funk track about being 'As ready as you'll ever be' for whatever live throws at you.

Other tracks by Pivotal Point:  Stay But Leave  -  Final Shred Of Dignity