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Amrap Unsigned

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Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy - Smoke     Hip Hop, Blues 30/03/2017
Music out of a garage in Melbourne.
The Delivery Boy's guitar melodies dance around Ali Belmont's in-your-face vocals. Have a dance to it, or a mosh. Whichever works best for you. 'Smoke' is from their upcoming album 'Ghost', which is due to be released in the second half of June.

Other tracks by Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy:  Wayside  -  Planetorium
Conscious Dreamers - Hey Darlin'     Country, Folk, Roots, Blues 28/03/2017
Embracing all things Folk, Americana & Roots, Conscious Dreamers put good ol' fashioned guitar playing and harmony singing back in focus!
Time to take a stand! Tell them what you really think.....Hey Darlin' embraces a songwriters false bravado be sending out that message you never could bring yourself to deliver in person.

Other tracks by Conscious Dreamers:  Beautiful Dream  -  Sunlight Stings
Dying Adolescence - Crazy     Pop, Chill 28/03/2017
romantic, poetic bedroom pop. DIY recordings from Sydney by a 19 year old
A song with layered guitars, simple drum beats and emotional/powerful lyrics

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Godzealot - The Spooky Jam     Rock 28/03/2017
3 Piece Alt-Rock band with huge riffs and massive sound, incoporating hard rock with smooth flowing sounds.
Built around a guitar riff, The Spooky Jam uses fuzzy bass and a high range of vocals to bring both a heavy and smooth collaboration of energetic rock.

Other tracks by Godzealot:  Project March  -  Wilson
OJ Mengel - No One Here Gets Out Alive     Folk, Rock, Blues 28/03/2017
OJ Mengel exploded into the live circuit in 2016, winning the Homegrown 'Battle of the Bands,' and are bound to progress with the release of their second EP in 2017.
‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’ is OJ Mengel’s second single. The brooding folk number reveals a darker side OJ unseen in the feel-good anthem ‘Coach.’ The song confronts the ‘live fast and die young’ mentality, hitting a far more emotional tone surrounding the futility and stupidity of it all.

Red Light Riot - All That Remains     Rock, Punk 28/03/2017
Red Light Riot are a female fronted wall of catharsis, extolling the high energy and thrashed out melodic anarchy of the punk rock, hard rock and rocknroll spectrum.
Hard rock anthem bringing back Detroit Garage rock, 80's punk rock, the spirit of anarchy and wailing guitar solos with a wall of sound, energy and female fronted riot grlll rage.

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Other tracks by Red Light Riot:  We All Die Young  -  Don't Go
The Sideshow Brides - Red Light Eyes     Country, Roots, Folk, Pop 28/03/2017
Hailing from a small town in the Hunter Valley NSW, sisters Layla and Rhianna Fibbins of The Sideshow Brides craft a haunting blend of harmonies and lyrical storytelling.
Set amidst a dark, rainy night, this song is about the descending spiral of tumultuous love. Building from a sparse intro to the haunting cry of the pedal steel guitar, the music mirrors the melancholic searching and ambivalence of the lyrics.

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Moonsign - Wintersend (Natasha Madden Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Downbeat 27/03/2017
Floaty synths, dreamy vocals, a rush of electronics... Moonsign create pop songs drenched in longing, wrapped in blissful hope.
A song about enduring a long cold, grey winter in Berlin and feeling the promise of blooming again.

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Other tracks by Moonsign:  Forever Freedom
Breeze Millard - I Have My Own Life     Pop, Rock, Country, Easy Listening 26/03/2017
17 years old from outback South Australia. A powerful voice, contemporary writing style and AMAZING talent. Winner of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship - ready to take on the world!
"I Have My Own Life" is a power ballad with themes of heartbreak, love, loss, and especially empowerment. A song that resonates with everyone. Fans of all ages, all styles, all walks of life - "I Have My Own Life" will relate to whatever you're going through in YOUR life.

Andy Jans-Brown & Cozmic - Rising With The Mercury     Rock 24/03/2017
Andy Jans-Brown & COZ*MIC are a tight indie rock band from Byron Bay mixing rebel rhythms, contagious hooks and provocative poetry.
A passionate and ironic look at contemporary Australia.

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Other tracks by Andy Jans-Brown & Cozmic:  Play With Fire
Arpier - Down     Pop, Jazz 24/03/2017
Led from the back, Brisbane based three piece Arpier are bringing jazz-pop to the front.
A song about sabotaging a relationship you don't feel you are worthy of.

Black Mountain String Band - Time Traveller     Folk, Country, Roots, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
The Black Mountain String Band is a fantastic celebration of old time string band music: where three fiddles and voices harmonise with infectious rhythms of banjo, guitar and double bass.
Time Traveller is an original song penned by Jacqueline Bradley and brought to life with fiddles, guitar and double bass. A light, folky song looking forward and looking back, wondering what has been and what could be !

Other tracks by Black Mountain String Band:  Rocky Mountain  -  Black Mountain Rag
Black Rabbit George - Pray     Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
Singer/songwriter Black Rabbit George (guitarist from Tijuana Cartel) has crafted a treasure trove of folk gems, weaving the guitars delicate complexity with his deeply felt lyrics and warm vocal tones.
‘Pray’ is warm and reflective and beckons the listener to follow in a manner that borders on sensuous. It’s about the choices we face in life, the dilemmas presented by those forks in the road, and the repercussions we foresee. Which way should we turn? And where will it lead?

Other tracks by Black Rabbit George:  Karma in the Crowhouse  -  Looks Like We're Not Coming Down Again
Dave Graney and Clare Moore - How Long Does The Raunch?     Pop, Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic 24/03/2017
Dave Graney and Clare Moore played in the Moodists in the 80s and then Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and now Dave Graney and the mistLY.
Starts with jazz guitar chords and vocals. Then Drum Machine, Vibes, Marimba and electric guitar.
Over stimulation. Modern life is demanding. Filling a dude with images and feels, emotions dragged and pulled out, demanded.

Other tracks by Dave Graney and Clare Moore:  I'm Never Off
Dumb Dog - JAWS     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Soul 24/03/2017
We're a 4-piece psych garage band from Melbourne. We make music that sounds like Mac Demarco and Prince had a weird baby that was brought up by BadBadNotGood.
JAWS is about a recurring dream I had where I fell overboard into the sea, vaguely aware of a lurking presence below. Whenever I looked down I would see jaws with rows of sharp teeth coming up from below. I then always wake and realise I had wet the bed.

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Other tracks by Dumb Dog:  Hyper Adolescence  -  Change
Gallucci - Hatsy     Rock, Punk, Instrumental 24/03/2017
Gallucci are a soca-punk band from Sydney - Two brothers who can’t quite quit each other.
When we found this weird purring groove, we knew it was a spot we hadn't heard ourselves in before. But it was deep like a dream where you discover there's a room in your house you never knew was there How's that for applying esoteric bullshit meaning after the fact?

Other tracks by Gallucci:  FuryEnd  -  Freeze (10Mm$)
Justine Bradley - Oriana     Jazz, Acoustic, Soul, Folk 24/03/2017
I am a musician, singer, songwriter, vocal teacher, voice coach, choir director, healer, creative artist etc. Currently in the Justine Bradley Band (16 years) who I made this album with.
We have been playing music together for 16 years, which has created a tremendous amount of respect, love and musical freedom. So we decided to record all tracks live in the studio, capturing that magic and add featured artists as required. This is the feature track describing aspects of life.

Other tracks by Justine Bradley:  Wonder  -  Cry For Mercy
Kate Lush - Pack It Up     Blues/Roots, Soul 24/03/2017
Think Susan Tedeschi Grit, Freddy King Riffs, a dash of Aretha’s Soul & Bonnie Raitt’s harder rock edge. Great original songs, an outstanding band & that’s Kate Lush.
This is a fantastic upbeat cover of a Freddy King song called Pack It Up. Originally from his Burglar album, when Kate heard it she was inspired to do her own version.

Other tracks by Kate Lush:  River Flow  -  Good Good Love
Marley Wynn - Folks in Hollywood     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
Marley Wynn is the musical alter ego of omnipresent WA musical identity Adrian Hoffmann. Seemingly falling from the stars like a fully formed swashbuckling troubadour.
"Folks in Hollywood" is a dynamic smooth melodic pop song with a collection of "Marley Wynns" influences expressed from the verses to the chorus.Lifting the mood up and down.

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Other tracks by Marley Wynn:  I Love You  -  Mercury Zoo
Mazz-XT - Only The Quick And The Dead     Rock, Pop 24/03/2017
Mazz-XT is the project of Sydney based solo recording artist Scott Ginn. Mazz-XT is pure hard-edged rock with a slick sound and big catchy vocals.
A fictitious tale of the wild wild west - of a gambler getting fleeced in a card game by a fast-handed Black Jack dealer. It's up-vibe! It's fun! It rocks! It's time to get your rock thing on.

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