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Some jerks - The Hunter     Rock, Garage, Pop 28/02/2017
Some jerks are a female-led garage/surf rock band from Brisbane, Inspired by girl groups, and garage rock of the 60's, and once quoted as “sounding like Sleater-Kinney covering the Shangri-las”.
The Hunter, is the first single from Strange Ways... A fast paced number that makes you want to go-go down at the beach. It's actually about thinking about revenge, and going as far as a killer stare. So it's a dark theme dressed up as a party anthem.


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Leanne Tennant - Lay Me Down     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 28/02/2017
Leanne Tennant is currently nominated for 3 Qld Music Awards, nominated for Australian Artist of the year (Au Review), Grant McLennan Fellowship & included in the Triple Z Hot 100.
The 3rd single from Red Wine, Late Nights currently nominated for a Qld Music Award. A tune written about having to say goodbye to my beloved pet.


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Lavers - Old-fashioned Girl     Pop, Britpop, Rock, Acoustic 27/02/2017
Hailing from Australia’s capital city Canberra, Lavers are a four-piece band known for their energetic live shows, singalong choruses and intricate recordings.
A pretty girl, a red dress and a guitar line that gets stuck in your head for days.

Other tracks by Lavers:  Our Love Will Bleed  -  Lonely Hunter
Profiteers - Quality Conformity     Metal/Punk, Punk, Metal, Hardcore 27/02/2017
Profiteers are a DIY Punk band from Adelaide, South Australia.
Quality Conformity is the first single we're releasing this year. It's heavy and riffy and like a strong coffee at six in the morning. We hope you love this one, its one of our favourites.

Sanity's Collision - Move You     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 25/02/2017
Sanity's Collision is a Sydney-based quartet of songwriters dabbling in pop, rock, blues and folk. Watch out for our new songs in 2017!
Easy-listening acoustic guitar driven ballad punctuated by violin motifs and a drummer who loves the tom-toms. Sentimental and at times melancholic, the lyrics explore growing up with family and missed times with those that we have lost. At it's heart, a love song.

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Other tracks by Sanity's Collision:  She'll Make The Sun Go Down  -  Winter Story
Cool Explosions - Cold Fire     Electronic, Pop, Soul, RnB 24/02/2017
Hardwired in Melbourne, Cool Explosions venture out from a pulsing underground landscape of glitchcore electronica, RnB reboots & late night neo-soul jams with a grinding, uncompromising ultra-pop.
‘Cold Fire’, the band’s debut single, is a desire-charged invitation to sensual surrender. Mixed and mastered by Lachlan Carrick (Miami Horror, Gotye), the track administers rushes of autobahn arcadia, weaving woozy RnB deliriums of synth anaesthetics with swoons of sample driven soul.

Evol Walks - Tear it Down     Rock, Metal 24/02/2017
Hard, heavy hitting rock and roll fronted by fiery redhead Leah Martin-Brown.
'Tear it Down' was penned out of frustration towards the current, International political climate. The track features frenetic guitar riffs and biting lyrics making it the perfect piece of protest music for the new generation.


Steve Case - Kimberley Sun     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Reggae, Roots 24/02/2017
After years of not knowing where he belonged or fitted in, Steve Case found his home amongst the red dirt and salt of the earth characters in the Australian outback.
“Kimberley Sun” is Steve Case's characteristically easy listening tribute to the East Kimberley region of Western Australia where he spends his winters performing to thousands of locals and holiday makers. He describes the laid back lifestyle of the area whilst name checking local places Kununurra and Broome.

Bad Luck Kitty - Fury Road     Rock, Rockabilly 22/02/2017
High energy rockabilly.
'Fury Road' is a high energy rockabilly song with drive and power to match the fast cars this song references. This song will make you want to take the wheel and race with the best of them.


Other tracks by Bad Luck Kitty:  Afortunado Diablo  -  Edge of Town
Caprice Quinn - No More Silhouettes (feat. Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra)     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 22/02/2017
Hailed as the 'urban siren call 2016 was waiting for', Caprice Quinn's debut release Le Femme showcases her slow-burn R'n'B style, reminiscent of 90s, yet undeniably relevant to now.
Thought provoking and inspiring, 'No More Silhouettes' is the sonic spark of a revolution; Urban siren Caprice Quinn features Aussie rap queen, Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra, in an all-women collaboration that celebrates and supports International Women's Day in its call to be #BeBoldForChange on March 8.

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Innessa - Yasen     Folk, World, Ethnic 22/02/2017
Russian folk music roots are clearly influential in her unique style. With dreamy emotional lyrics sung to a mixture of eclectic styles, Innessa is constantly leaving her audience spellbound.
'Yasen' (Ash Tree) - a song Innessa wrote in a Russian
Folk Style. She recorded it in Russian Language to
keep the folkloric vibe in it. It’s about one broken heart,
a lonely person withering away like a tree.


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Other tracks by Innessa:  Dumb and Blind  -  Up and Down
Mild Manic - Hold On     Pop, Punk, Rock 22/02/2017
Made up of brothers Sam and Chris Rees, Dave Boyes and anchorman Jye Flynn, each bring their own influence combining to make every Mild Manic song an epic, contagious anthem.
Having released the first single 'Little Larger' back in December 2016, the band are launching Line and Length with the second single 'Hold On'. It’s a pounding, whirling, blistering track about dealing with anxiety and blowing off the pressures of life by looking for the good in the world.

Spectoral - Daydreaming     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Downbeat 21/02/2017
While Spectoral takes influence from chillwave, alt-RnB and soul, his sound is also heavily inspired by the fuzzy, imperfect, nostalgia-driven downtempo of Boards of Canada and early 2000s trip-hop.
With flavours of trip-hop melding seamlessly with 2016 beat-smithing, Spectoral delivers dark, sexy fire on 'Daydreaming', a track that explores the guilt-ridden lust of cheaters.

Big League - Maybe She's Bored With It     Rock, Garage, Punk, Britpop 21/02/2017
2016 was huge year of releases for Big League, now they're keeping the power on with 'Maybe She's Bored With It', the first single from their forthcoming album.
S**t-hot power pop! Travis and Marie's vocals cooperate and fight on 'Maybe She's Bored With It', but sound great together as always.

Earprojector - I Wanna Kill Cassie     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Garage 18/02/2017
"this artist has a truly unique musical vision – eclectic, eccentric and anarchic by turns –which I suppose pretty much rules out his ever being pigeonholed" Michael Smith, Rhythms Magazine
A tale of contract killers, murder plots and intrigue. Who is Cassie? And how did she make it onto the hit list of this normally affable and peace loving songwriter? All will be revealed in the next 3:37 of dirty pop glory.

Other tracks by Earprojector:  Marigold  -  When I'm Steel
Les Thomas - Feedom Fighters     Folk, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Country 18/02/2017
Les Thomas is a Melbourne singer-songwriter and activist in the tradition of people like Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie.
'Freedom Fighters' tells the epic and under-acknowledged story of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyhenner, two Tasmanian Aboriginal men, who became the first men hanged in Melbourne in the year 1842. Les Thomas commemorates and honours their eight-week long resistance campaign and sacrifice.

Mosaic - Fever     Electronic 18/02/2017
Mosaic is an 18 year old producer from the Gold Coast creating funky tunes to pleasure your ears.
A funky tune from Mosaic.

MYAMI - Feature     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Hip Hop 18/02/2017
A sound birthed from her home studio, Melbourne based singer songwriter Myami has crafted her own distinct sound of melodic electro-pop accompanied by the beats of Melbourne producer Wayfarer//.
'Feature' is a break up song about feeling as though you did everything you could for the relationship but in the end it wasn't enough. It's in that moment that you realise that you weren't as important to that person as they were to you, explains Myami.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Sali Bracewell - Whale Song     Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Ambience, Atmospheric 18/02/2017
Sali Bracewell is a classically trained pianist and songstress from Wales. Now living in Australia, her unique and haunting vibrato vocals and emotive piano playing captivate her audience.
'Whale Song' is an ode to the majestic humpback whales of Byron Bay. Dedicated to the remembrance of Byron's whaling history, it was written the day (Sali) heard whale song for the first time. Sparse and moody, piano and deep vibrato female vocals with haunting echoing backing vocals.

Other tracks by Sali Bracewell:  Cwch Bach Coch  -  Porcelain
The Woodpickers - Bakelite Babies     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Easy Listening 18/02/2017
The Woodpickers is a recording project of John Murphy. Over the past 20 years three CD's have been released. Turning Blue is the forth, featuring performers from the Blue Mountains.
A look at the baby boomers through abakelite radio, both yesterday and today. Vocals by Mark O'Connor.

Other tracks by The Woodpickers:  The Wish  -  Turning Blue